Thursday, August 25, 2005


This was a very surprising day. This was a very wow day. Why so? Etha… Etha… I just don’t understand as much as you do. I just don’t have any idea about the reason why in not more than three days left before the show, you should be ill and say goodbye to your role as Isdun.

During these three months we have been practicing, Stitch, she has been a part of us. We do have a different character actually and that probably does not get us too close, but I am not lying. She has been a part of the team. Anyway, this afternoon, she sent a message to me. An awfully shocking message for me, that led me immediately make a call to her. She said she got a headache and felt awful with her body. A lot of red spots are appearing anywhere on her skin. Itchy. Pretty itchy, she said. I know what that is. That is kinda pox. Hah. I got it when I was in the first grade of elementary school. Not a good-enough memory, I’m afraid. We all felt truly upset. We wish she could play with us on the stage this Saturday. God let this happen, anyway.

Very poor girl. She has been improving herself to do her role and now she even cannot come to the show to watch us play. She will just stay at her boarding house, take a rest all the day, do nothing but cannot sleep. I can grab her feeling. I would feel incredibly disappointed if I were her, anyway. Somehow, I can’t figure out of what God expects from us. Last Sunday, there was the quarrel. On Monday, Inge was ill too. I guess we are all tired.

There were two things I learnt today. The first thing is about worshipping. Worshipping against service. I was somewhat wondering of this thing. Yeah, I was just about to forget that right now in fact I am doing the service but not the worshipping. I almost forgot that essential thing. The second one is about to always lean on Him, Dad in Heaven. Everything happens under His control, including what has turned out with us at present. When something was not cool we got, I know we need to lean on Him more.

Myria has replaced Etha’s role. I cannot imagine Etha’s feeling about the replacement. Disappointed? Relieved? Unconcerned? This play would be her first play, as a matter of fact. And please… please… please… pray for the rest of us… so that we can do the best on the D day, we can play as well as God expects us to do. Please… pray for us… We exceedingly need it.

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

He knows everything…

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