welcoming autumn

Well, well, well, I assume we are going to say goodbye to summer! Good bye, bikinis. Good bye, top tanks. Good bye, short pants. Good bye, sunglasses. Good bye, sandals. And let us welcome… jacket, sweater, sock, boot, glove, scarf – anything that can keep you warm. Hiks, I am oddly sad for that matter. It is obviously because I guess I am better to survive in hot days (proud never to be sweaty every time hot days approach)! And now I am forced to welcome cold days. Geez…, I was seriously frustrated watching evening news about next week temperatures: 22, 19, 18, 19, 16(!), 19, 23. I can’t stop trembling, that’s why. How can you expect me to dodge of my warm blanket to do the house works? How can you wash your loads of dishes at your kitchen with icy waters? How can you expect me to take a shower every day if whenever I’m out of it, I can’t stop trembling for the next few minutes, even hours?

Forget it. Do not argue, because I won’t be grumbling all the time. It’s obviously useless. Welcome, Autumn…!!! I am attempting to be friendly with you!

Monday, 3 April 2006
11:20 pm

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