Saturday, November 18, 2006

me and him

Today is exactly ten months and ten days since I got married with Erwin. There are still many times before us to share together. And so far, I come to the conclusion that characteristically Erwin and I are really, really different persons. Below are the reasons why I concluded so.

- does not come naturally with music;
- comes naturally of being a leader;
- a thinking person; before he acts, he will think about the whole scheme of his action;
- a better person to get acquainted with new people;
- value goodies from the economical point of view;
- prefers to watch epic and science fiction movies;
- does not like reading books;
- does not really care about outfits he wears;
- If finding some difficulties, he tries to find any way to solve them;
- likes to play games that need strategic and brainwave, such as Sudoku, Magic

The Gathering, Rammiking, etc;
- playing games for winning;
- can carry on doing something in front of computers for hours;
- any food will do;
- can understand something difficult and confusing easily;
- a more reality person;
- live for tomorrow;
- a sensitive person;
- innovative;
- carefully look out of what he does and speaks;

- comes naturally with music;
- comes naturally of being an entertainer;
- a spontaneous person; she does not think much before she acts;
- a better person to maintain good relationship with friends;
- value goodies from the style and popularity point of view;
- prefers to watch cartoon movies;
- loves reading books;
- cares about outfits she wears;
- if finding some difficulties, she lets the other people solve them for her;
- likes to play games that only need some lucks, such as the Game of Life, etc;
- playing games for fun;
- can carry on doing something in front of computers only for a few hours;
- not any food will do;
- takes time to understand something difficult and confusing;
- a more dreamy person;
- live for today;
- an inattentive person;
- creative;
- carelessly look out of what she does and speaks;

I can spend another day to make the list of our differences longer, but surely I do not want to, thank you very much.

Sometimes, I am annoyed with our differences. I do have desire to do something we really enjoy together. Apparently, only one thing we can enjoy together. Theater. And we have nothing to do with that here, so….

However, I find that it is far more interesting to have a typical different partner than alike. You can complete each other. What I cannot do is covered with him and otherwise. More than ten months, I realize that we influence each other and it will take another long list if you want to know.

Just like the quote we took for our wedding invitation:

He was my cream, and I was his coffee. And when you poured us together, it was something.
-Josephine Baker-

Cappuccino will be very delicious if two different ingredients are blended together.

Friday, 17 November 2006
2:27 pm

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