gas stations in indonesia

Why is it that the gas stations in Indonesia should have huge area?

1. to accommodate big vehicles like trucks, buses, etc;
2. to accommodate a long line of vehicles in occasional times;
3. to accommodate any vehicle to wait for some stupid activities which cause traffic jam for hours.

Yes, yesterday my question about why gas stations in Indonesia should have huge area was answered.

I went to Pekalongan last week. Some people had warned me about the jam I might deal with during the journey to it. It was the Independence Day we had few days ago, because the day is usually followed by usual activities held by people in suburbs; such as, carnivals, outdoor games (lomba balap karung, panjat pinang, etc). Well, it is OK to have those activities in this special day, but... oh please, do not go trouble the other people! On the journey to Pekalongan, we had been through a carnival that had stopped hundreds of big vehicles (cars, buses, trucks) continue their journey. We got stuck for about one hour! On the journey to Surabaya, we had again been through another carnival that had stopped another hundreds of big vehicles for about two hours!

Grumbling with the unexpected circumstance, there we were waiting in a gas station with the other cars for the end of carnival. This is a really brainless activity. Yet, I thought, perhaps this was one of the ways to escape from the chaos in this country. So, instead of thinking about how to make this country be a better place to live, they preferred to have fun in such way, which messed up the main road between East Java and Central Java.

Therefore, that is why gas stations in Indonesia should have huge area. Just in case.

Monday, 20 August 2007
2:17 pm

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