Thursday, October 04, 2007

to: my sister as well as bestfriend

Surabaya, 30 September 2007

Dear you,

I sincerely hope you read this posting. Not because this posting would be an interesting writing for you nor a good literature, but I simply want to say something which I should have done last week. I know you sometimes drop by and read my journals even though I sometimes does not expect much for many people to read my blog. However, I am now glad you do that.

You knew, happy as I was when they asked me to be the MC on that day and happy as I was too when I knew you would be one of my partners again yesterday night. I knew too well that you are very talented in that way. Yet, I had to say that I was disappointed of what you did. I was disappointed because I did not expect you to do that. I thought you knew that it was not a good thing to do especially in that special occasion. I thought you knew that doing what you did could be the biggest mistake ever you might have done. I thought you knew that you had to be prepared when you said 'yes' for doing that. I thought you KNEW - after all we had been through together.

Oh well, I knew that you had a problem at that time - maybe a SUPER-BIG problem which made you unable to give your smile to everyone. You know what, I did also have problems, but I CHOSE to act that everything was fine - that I was really prepared for that time. You could call me hypocrite but at least by doing that, I did not make everyone upset of me. And it made me feeling better, anyway. A little sincere smile can change the world to be a better place, do you believe that? It occurs vice versa - that a frowned face can also change the other people's mood. This world has been bad enough without you making it worse to live at.

I heard you snapped at someone at that time - that you were being moody (and perhaps that is one of your temperament), and so what? Should you have expressed that frowned face? Get over it. Having known your details of temperaments cannot be an excuse, mate! I noticed that you have smiled already the next few days when you're doing the same thing you did last Saturday, but time never returns. People who came yesterday night maybe are always under the impression that you are not a pleasant individual to make friend with, while actually I think of the other way around. I think you are pleasant enough to be a friend. That's why I call you a sister as well as best-friend.

Maybe you're angry to me when you read this posting, but I do not care, I know you will consider it. I write this posting not because I want to say bad things about you, but because I simply love you.

You are in the leader position, mate and it is not easy, but I know you can do it. You are not alone. HE be with you. Always. Me too.

with lots of love,
your sister

Thursday, 4 October 2007
4:18 pm

2 komentar ajah:

Icha said...

So... ini curhat ama skaligus menasehati yah???

u r a good sister then:)

quote dikit yah: "I did also have problems, but I CHOSE to act that everything was fine ......- least by doing that, I did not make everyone upset of me"

masuk akal juga. I setuju tuh.... skarang lagi dalam proses pembelajaran, nanti kalo i mlakukan hal2 yang diluar dugaan, kasitau juga yah.. wakaka..

Peace yo!

~ jessie ~ said...

Wah... kalo gitu jangan khawatir, Ka... pasti aku kasi tahu hehehe. Kapan lagi?