Monday, September 17, 2007

a vicious mother

I went to outdoor wedding party last night with my hubby and Vinn. Actually, I did not want to take Vinn with us. It would be too breezy at night for a baby. However, my maid went to taraweh which made my mother-in-law be alone at home. She could not manage an active baby like mine by herself. So, that's why.

Vinn was asleep when we started to eat the main courses. I put him in his pram so that it would be easier for us to finish our meals. In the meantime, a man (you can call him 'susuk' for chinese people) lit his cigarette and his friend's. My hubby stood up automatically and was about to remove Vinn and his pram before I shouted to the man: "Koh, ada bayi lho!" ("Koh, we have a baby here!") and gave a stay-away-from-us-when-you're-smoking look to the other one. Because of the disgust and vicious look from me or they were understanding enough to go away, they did not return to their seat near us since.

Later on, when we were riding home by car, I was wondering to Erwin, my hubby why I became quite vicious to an older man. I never did before. It reminded me to the book 7 of Harry Potter in the scene when Hagrid was told by Charlie Weasley that the dragon once Hagrid won in Book 1 was female. Harry asked Charlie how to recognize which one is male or female. Charlie answered that a female dragon is much more vicious, especially when she is protecting her egg. Well, maybe it is quite similar with me, anyway. To protect my son from any irresponsible people, I will do anything.

As a matter of fact, I did not really care with people who like smoking. I mean, I'm so not like my friend who has declared that she hates smokers very much. My workplace employs a non-smoking regulation which had ever been protested by most of smoking students and employees. However, I did not really care. Do you want to smoke? Do you love smoking even though you know it can ruin your health? Up to you, I do not care, but please STAY AWAY from the people who do not want to ruin their health! We respect you guys to smoke, but please respect us who do not want to smell the smoke of your cigarette. If you are sick of your life and want to kill yourself by smoking, GO AHEAD, but please DO NOT TAKE US WITH YOU!

So, you readers, if any of you are smokers and you sometimes still do smoking without paying any attention with your surroundings, please beware, what you do is as bad as what a killer does.

So, is it wrong if I become vicious at that time??

Sunday, 17 September 2007
11:24 am

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Icha said...

easy there tiger!!

Memang sih, aku juga kadang sebel ama mereka yang merokok tapi cuek bebex ama kita-kita yang "anti rokok". bukan bermaksud untuk naif, tapi kan itu juga berbahaya buat kita-kita yang tidak merokok, apalagi mengingat bahwa kita, kaum yang tidak merokok ini (yang menghisap asapnya tapi tidak menghembuskannya) akan lebih cepat matinya (duh tajam) daripada mereka yang menghisap asap dan mengeluarkannya.

Well... merokok memang hak hidup juga, tapi akan lebih baik jika hak hidup itu diikuti dengan kesadaran dan tanggung jawab akan lingkungan. Otre kawan!

Salam damai dari Icha...

Peace yo!!