what is love?

What is love?

An old friend said love is always about yes and no. I quite disagree with his opinion. I think love is more than yes and no, somehow it combines both. Some people, on the other hand, offer a different meaning of it. Like when I’ve just read a journal of a blogger who lives in UK right now. She said people there call what you call ‘maid’ here ‘love’ or ‘darling’. Then she concluded in UK, love is cheaper than a cup of espresso. The question is: why can’t we say love to any people even though he or she is.. what is it... a maid? A maid is also human, rite? Who are we to decide which one’s worth enough to love and who’s not? What is love, anyway?

Love is not just about relationship between man and woman. I said this so many times. Family and friendship is also about to love and beloved. We can also love our pets, home, collections, job, etc. Love is not cheap. It is PRICELESS. We cannot buy love with money as we cannot buy air to breathe as well.

So, what is love? Love is not meant to be defined, but to be done, to be shared, to any people. That is why heart always represents love by picture. Heart, not liver. Like this..

And love in our soap opera? That is definitely rubbish! It is not love, anyway. It’s madness.

Tuesday, 5 September 2008
11:17 pm

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Anonymous said...

I think that love is just a stupid thing, you fall in love and then what... THe world is not rotating on love, it is rotating on money. LOve is just another tool being used to spread the concept of money. Smart and rich people know this and use fool and naive people who believe in love as their puppet. It just you can based on love cause it is irrational, and eventually it will get to you and make you unable to define which one is bad and good, which one is logic and not. I think that our culture is too much pressed on the idealism of love. You know what, it is different between the idea of loving someone and the love itself.