Thursday, March 09, 2006

let's talk about love!

See 2 Corinthians 5:10-15 (The same reason with my previous sharing)

I read Daily Bread one year edition for my quiet time. And today I was given the verses, in which the writer will talk about the law of love. I reckoned it would be about to love should do this, to love should do that. In fact, there is only one word ‘love’ in it. It is impressive, however, that it’s written about Christ’s love which constraineth us. I consider ‘constraineth’ as ‘shield’.

Supposed Erwin, as my husband, when he married me, he gave me a list which contained what I must do and what I mustn’t do. For instance, at what time should I wake up in the morning and serve the breakfast, what should I do with all the dishes, when should I be ready for anything. And he said he did all those things in the name of love. Would I be happy after all? No way!

Now let’s turn our imagination into this new situation: when Erwin married me, he is full of love, and he does anything which makes me happy. What do I do? I should still wake up earlier in the morning to serve him breakfast. I should make up all the rooms cleaned. I should be ready for anything needed. They’re all in the list of ‘the bad Erwin’ above. The same question: would I be happy after all? Of course! Because of what? It’s simply because Erwin showers me with his love too, then I do all things to make him happy as well.

That is similar with Dad in heaven. He showers me with love first, then I love Him back. Many times I fell down, many times He lift me up. Many times I was away from Him, many times He called me back to His hug. He wants me to do all things He commands, but He wants me to do them with all my heart – because I have felt His love, not because those are duties.

Let me tell you a little secret that makes me ashamed of myself. Yesterday, I went to Irwandy’s house and found the latest Harry Potter in his shelf. I told Imelda if I could borrow it and I was allowed to take it home. I was so excited and at home my mind kept going to that book. Every time I see it, I just want to sit and read. I want to overlook all I should do (washing the endless dishes, cooking, serving meal, tiding up, etc). The book kept calling me on. Then, there I was definitely giving up the temptation, steadily sitting and reading the book and up to now, I’ve read 438 out of 607 pages. And I’m planning to finish it today.

Had I read the passage, I questioned myself. If I love Him, why is so difficult for me to read the Bible every day? Why is so difficult for me to have my mind on it as well as on the Harry Potter? Why is so difficult for me to plan to finish reading the Bible? Why?? When I am writing this sharing, I’m hardly struggling with myself not to touch the book. No, I am not blaming the Harry Potter book. The main problem is all about me. I mean, blimey! I could not prove my love to Him! Eerie, isn’t it?

By the way, I think our Bible has more complete stories to read, compared with the other books. It talks about love, romance, law, politics, social, leadership, history, miracle, family, financial problem, future, etc. All in one package. So?

It should not be my duty to read His words, it should be my desire to do because He has loved me and I want to love Him in return. Who’s with me? Up your hand!

- jessie -
Wednesday, 8 March 2006
09:01 pm

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