a stupid girl

After a month here doing nothing but spending money, I start to get bored. I don’t have any idea what else should I do to look for job. Many times I applied for job - many times I had to be disappointed that in fact I was waiting for nothing. I was forced to have to scarcely understand that it is not obviously that easy just to get a casual job.

Then, up to now, I decided to qualify myself. Let us take a quick look in the following:
1. I am a very stupid girl, who just accidentally graduated from English letter, but in fact I cannot do anything but be perplexed when someone speaks to me in English (and I’m afraid I’ll be forever like this)
2. I am a dreadfully lazy girl, who is hiding behind her husband and pretending to be a good housewife, though I’m not.
3. I am physically too small and short that all the employers in Australia won’t take me as their staff (gees….) coz they think I’m just an elementary student who would like to mess their company all around.
4. This is the most important thing. I am too proud to beg the employers to give me a job and money to fulfill my daily expenses (lunch at Nando’s, cappuccino at Starbucks, shopping at Myer, purchasing XBOX 360 at Harvey Norman, etc, etc…)
5. I am also too proud to ask my friends in cell-group (just the way my friends in Indo did every Tuesday evening) to pray for me who is looking for job, yet I am doing as if I am very well-thank you.

I’m not very well, thank you. Have I qualified myself, I had been actually walking around the city, preparing my resume (I printed 5 copies of them), coming in and out to any restaurant and store who stick vacancy on their display, being kicked off their place if they think I’m not qualified enough, wasting my afternoon-to-evening on the street and becoming the most sinful person in the world if spending money.

“Sorry, we need experienced waitress.”
(I am a waitress, a cook, a meal server at home! What else experience do you want, Sir?? Try me! Try me!)
“Sorry, we’re close at the moment.”
(What?? You said in your vacancy I should come after 11 am to submit my resume and it’s now 3 pm already! Am I late??)
“Just leave your resume with us then we’ll call you.”
(Why don’t you straightly say that you cannot hire me as your staff because of some reasons?? I can understand you!)
-taken from jessie's adventure on Swanston Street to Bourke Street-

In Surabaya, I got a very good job, a nice desk; I was perfectly equipped with facilities (air-conditional room, fridge, internet – which allowed me to chat with people around the world, some snacks – anytime, helpful colleagues, etc, etc), and all I needed to do was just to be creative all the times. While my friends made any complaints of their own jobs, I gave my word of thanks to Him who gave me a better job than theirs.

I suppose I am about to learn of being humble now. Gosh…. Being humble is somewhat difficult, trust me. You need a big bunch of humility and a few brave acts to prove it. I was simply trying to prove it yesterday. I threw my pride away, did what I could do and leave it to Dad. It’s not easy, though, yet I tried to.

Wednesday, 15 March 2006
09:01 pm

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