attention..., i'm married!

Well, okay…, calm down…, relax….

No!!!! I want to kill her!!!!!

Wait…, it’s no good. Why should I kill her? I am not supposed to kill any human being. Simply take a look at Exodus 20 of Ten Commandments. ‘Thou shall not kill’. Hem. Hem.

I just hate her.

‘Hate’ is an evil word.

But, it’s natural, anyway. I’m still human.

But I still want to be a tent maker.

But it’s so difficult not to kill her.

What is it that I should kill her?

Because she’s snob. She thinks she knows everything. She thinks she is my boss. She is a garrulous girl. She never stops coming to me to tell this and that and this and that, that simply drive me sick. And ok, worst of all, she is FREAK!

Yeah, I was struggling of above matter last week anyway. Gosh, I have missed one week to write any of my experiences here. I was too tired after working, so when I reached home, the only things I thought were: having the heater on, letting my body rest on sofa, reading a book, consuming any snacks, and turning on television which was unintentionally watched, as a matter of fact. Damn the dishes that should be washed. Damn the electricity fee. Damn my swollen tummy. Damn my unfinished writings. Hehehe....

Ugh…. No, okay, I will not tell you everything that actually happened in my workplace, which had me to want to kill one of my co-workers. I just did feel mad at that day. Yet, at night, before I went to sleep, we (my hubby and I) were having quiet time together. He asked me what I would like him to pray for me. I said, I want God give me patience, I want God give me wisdom of when I have to be angry and how I have to be.

In the following day, I was working with that freak girl again. However, instead of talking to her about anything work-related, I managed to talk to her as a friend, not as co-worker. I had no clue why I did so. Then, here was the conversation:

“Oh my gosh, I stepped on bird’s shit!”
“I stepped on bird’s shit outside!”
A pause.
“Where do you live, Jessie?”
“I live in suburb. Brunswick. Do you know?”
“Do you live by yourself or?”
“I live with my husband.”
Surprisingly. “You live with your husband? You’re married already?”
“I am.”
“So you’re not a student?”
“No. My husband is.”

Another slight pause.
“What time did you wake up in the morning?”
“You mean this morning? About six o’clock.”
“Really?? Wow.”

After the short conversation, the freak girl’s behavior over me has been changed. She became friendlier, nicer and she quitted coming to me just to tell me this and that and this and that. She even asked me whether I had lunch yet or not. Overall, she does not seem to be a freak girl anymore. I told my hubby and cell-group friends about it. They all laughed because the freaking behavior was simply because of her wrong thought - that I was a student, which means to her I was much younger than she is (she is 27 and not married yet, anyway). I am younger than she, but the fact that I am a married woman has changed her behavior over me. Weird, isn't it?


Tuesday, 30 May 2006
9:20 pm

PS: Should I shout to everyone: “Attention! I’m married!” before they mistreat me?? Is the popular statement of ‘don’t judge book by its cover’ no longer heard of?? Please!

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