indonesia tanah air...?

Indonesia tanah air beta,
pusaka abadi nan jaya
Indonesia sejak dulu kala
s’lalu dipuja-puja bangsa
Disana tempat lahir beta
Dibuai, dibesarkan bunda
Tempat berlindung di hari tua
Sampai akhir menutup mata.

What is wrong with the song above? Yeah, some words are missing. They are not literally missing. They are missing. Ok. Why should I say so? Because it’s true. Look at the first line: Indonesia tanah air BETA. How many people do you know who proudly claim Indonesia as their home-country (count the vague politicians out, please)? Be honest, will you? Let’s keep going on: pusaka abadi nan JAYA. Do you think Indonesia is still your everlasting and jubilant treasure (which was apparently known as the most populous country in the world according to Guiness Book of Record 2003)? The forth line is, I think, the most critical thing to argue : s’lalu DIPUJA-PUJA bangsa. What?? Is it correct? I am truthfully sorry to say that it is INCORRECT. Why? This afternoon, while waiting for the tram to go home after working, I met a male Caucasian (Indonesian people will call him ‘bule’). After we’re having a little chitchatting, he asked me where I come from. I’m physically Asian, you know what I mean? Maybe that’s why he asked me. And what would I say except ‘I am from Indonesia’, which is definitely true? I am from Indonesia. It is where I was born and grown up. Then, he replied, “Indonesia? A lot of troubles in there, huh?”. Shame, shame, shame, SHAME!!! Who said Indonesia is always to be adored or praised or whatsoever related with them? Who said SO?? Indonesia has been well known as a troubled country. I repeat: INDONESIA HAS BEEN WELL KNOWN AS A TROUBLED COUNTRY. But still, all particular people in Indonesia haven’t sincerely realized the miserable fact. Well, they are doing something that they think it will make Indonesia as a better country, like shouting for a justice and integrity for another country under an identity of brotherhood stuff. I mean, what on earth are they doing that for?? Why aren’t they doing something more useful for their own country, which obviously needs more justice and more integrity inside?? I must say, Indonesian people are seemingly too busy to take care of another country much more than to do of their own one, too busy to take care of silly things like RUU APP rather than taking care of poverty, education, disease or everything terrible happened in it.

By the way, let’s not stop just here. We are keeping on: tempat BERLINDUNG di hari tua. Well, obviously you want a SAFE place to stay till you grow old, don’t you? Is Indonesia, our home country, SAFE ENOUGH to live on? Honestly. Please. How many people I know have applied green card or another citizenship in the other country outside Indonesia? Plenty of them. Even some have become citizens of particular countries. I do not blame them, anyway. They want a safe place for their family. They want to stay secured. I have asked few of them why they registered to become citizens of US, Australia, Germany, Singapore, etc and got similar answers. “Everything’s better here, unlike in Indonesia” said a husband. “It’s safer than in Indonesia, I can go everywhere alone by myself. Even at night,” said a female student. “Things go more properly in this country. Indonesia? I don’t think so,” said a wife.

Duh. After all people say something bad about Indonesia, yet I still love it. I still miss it when I am away from Indonesia. Because Indonesia is where I was born and grown up – so much wonderful memories with my family and friends, is where I could find tasty and cheap food which I could not do in other countries, is where I do not need four types of clothes since there are only two seasons in there and the temperature is not terribly changing every day, is where God has put me from the very first time He gave me breath to live. I am not saying: “I love this country, but this country does not love me”, as I will be again reminded of J.F. Kennedy’s statement: “Ask nothing from the country of how much it can give to you, but ask how much you can give to your country.”

Cut Nyak Dien. Pangeran Diponegoro. Ki Hadjar Dewantara. R.A. Kartini. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo. Chairil Anwar. Soe Hok Gie. Harry Roesli. Munir. Those are people who have printed their lives on the history hall of Indonesia to make this country the place to be. Who’s next?

We are seeking (a) hero/es for the country.

Basic Qualifications:
- Previous experience is not essential
- Possessing sincere heart and integrity
- Strong mental is essential
- Any tribe and religion, as long as born and grown up in this country, will do
Specific Qualifications:
- Must be willing to learn about priority matter(s)
- Must be willing to be unsupported by lavishness facilities; for instance: a house with maids, a car with driver, air-con. office, etc
- Must be genuinely interested in supporting Indonesian people generally, not particular groups (remember: dari rakyat, oleh rakyat, untuk rakyat)
- Must be able to manage working unsupervised
- Must be willing to work odd hours
- Must be willing to sacrifice probably family and even personal life

Monthly Rate:

Please send your cover letter and resume to:
Shadow Human Resources of Indonesia
PO BOX 4696
Zip code 69148

Tuesday, 16 May 2006
03:58 pm

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