this spring

This coming spring means a lot for me and maybe my hubby as well. The first week of spring isn’t really like spring. It is like winter extended. We got two warm days in the first week, but the other days were cold as winter. Geez. Welcome to Melbourne.

Yet all in all, this spring I took double jobs – morning and night. I know it sounds tiring but it’s still ok for me. I did feel tired and exhausted after three days in a row I worked morning and night. I worked from 8 am to 11 am and from 6 pm to 10 pm. I just found out that it would take almost an hour to go home by tram at night after 10 pm! My friends asked me why I should take double jobs. It would be very tiring especially for pregnant woman like me. They offered me, I answered. However, maybe I have been obsessed with earning more money so that we can have enough and much money to build a new house soon after we go back to Surabaya. I told you I sincerely do not want to live longer time in my mother-in-law’s house. Funnily, last night I just read in my yearly Daily Bread and it told me how people are often too wrapped up with anything that could make life better but forget the true meaning of life. I have no clue whether the reading strikes over me or not. Yet, I did feel it too. Maybe I have been too wrapped up with my idealistic purpose for my life, then. Dunno. I am still struggling with it.

Talking about body, I already feel the changing of mine. My tummy is pretty itchy sometimes and my friend told me it’s because the skin is stretching to accommodate the growing baby inside. True. I put the lotion Dilys bought me last time. Hopefully it will not be badly stretched after I deliver the baby. Moreover, right now I have a great desire to always eat. I feel always hungry and that’s why there are plenty of snack at home right now. Once I even flew away to the nearest store just because I want to eat a chocolate. Well. Like a pig, you know. Always craving on food like that.

Anyway, spring in Melbourne is kind of weird. We’ve got a rain the whole day, once. We’ve got a hot weather in one day (28 degrees!!) like hasty summer but in the following day, it was cold again (18 degrees!!). No wonder my skin is getting dry. I have to put lotion everyday. But since I am too lazy to do it sometimes, my skin is pretty dry now. And, oh! Even though we’ve sometimes got warm weather in the afternoon, it’s getting colder in the evening. Really! And today… gosh, it’s actually warm (24 degrees), but very windy. The wind drives me crazy. Nasty weather, eh?

Alright, maybe it’s like a quick report after two weeks absent from writing something. And you know what, now is almost at the end of September. That means, it is only two months away before we fly back to Indonesia. Expecting but not expecting.

Friday, 22 September 2006
12:24 pm

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surti said...

the weather is pretty the same in vegas, this saturday is the 1st day of fall, but this past few days was always cold and windy, especially in mornings and nights..
keep put on lotion ok? it will helps to reduce the itchy part :))

~ jessie ~ said...

Seriously?? Is it as terrible as in here? Coz sumtimes we've got two or three weathers in one day. Warm in the morning, raining in the afternoon, then warm again, and freezing at night. Nice isn't it? Hehehehe...yeah, I think I will do it. It also can reduce the stretch mark, I've been told!