gado-gado #2: working and making surprise in nasty weather

As I told you before I took double jobs since last month and along with it, the weather here is getting nastier. Well, I have no idea whether the weather in Melbourne is always such nasty every spring or not. I won’t be here next spring, anyway. Something that I will be missing for sure.

Three weeks ago, I reckoned I could work in the morning (8-10 am) Monday to Friday and in the evening (6-10 pm), Monday to Thursday. However, I have picked a very inconvenient time to take the extra hours at that time.

First of all, along with the extra hours of working, I had already planned to give a surprise in Erwin’s birthday. Something that could make him touched and it had to be something different. After deciding what kind of present I would give him, I began to prepare the surprise secretly. Secretly means that all things to do with the surprise were done behind his back. He was not supposed to know what I was doing. What I was doing to prepare the surprise was to borrow a handy camera from a friend, to purchase a DVD RW, to make a list of Erwin’s friends, to collect the friends’ contact numbers and to have appointment with all of them. And what I was doing could not be found out by Erwin. That’s the challenge. Do you have any idea how difficult it is? What do you reckon I was doing then? Yep, I collected his close friends and asked them to say something about and to my hubby before the handy camera for his birthday while I was recording them. The most difficult thing to do was how to meet them in my spare time without Erwin’s suspicion.

So, let’s take a moment to imagine. With my double jobs, I could only have a few times to meet and take a shoot of them after the morning job or before the evening job. It would be more difficult for me to meet his friends on weekend because what should I say to him if I had to go out to meet them? However, I did not exactly how, slowly but surely I got the recording one by one.

Meanwhile, the weather did not always support me to do all those things. Sometimes, it was too hot (like 36 degrees!) and made me awfully dizzy. Another time it was too cold. One day I went home after working in the morning and taking some shoots of Erwin’s friends, I almost collapsed and decided not to go working in the evening. Yet I took my spare time to have a rest and forced myself to go working later. It was no good, admittedly, especially for my baby. I got upset stomach then and almost vomited in my workplace. I reckoned I had to be too tired after all. Besides, Erwin was also not well. Blocked nose, sore throat, often sneezing, I kept consuming Vitamin C to stay healthy for my own good.

Three weeks passed and I got the close friends recorded in the DVD. I had arranged not to go working on his birthday on account of the surprise I had planned. So…, on his birthday eve, I pretended to forget buying his present but just after midnight, I pulled out the present I hid in our disused wardrobe and gave it to him. He’s kind of surprise and more surprise when I handed a little DVD plate to him to be played on. You know what, it was so astonishing to see his face when he’s watching his friends say happy birthday to him. I believed he was touched after all. And seeing him so made me feel that all things I was working on pretty hardly to collect all his friends were fully paid.

Friday, 27 October 2006
6:29 pm

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