the angel's name is salmon

The angel's name is Salmon. Never heard about that? Neither did I, till one day I knew one.

The woman was walking so fast. She was a bit late already to go working. However, she looked quite pleased for herself. She had managed to prepare lunch for her 7,5-month baby yesterday evening. So the granny would just take the meal out from the refrigerator and reheat it in the microwave. Today's ingredients: potato, spinach and liver.

She stopped by to give morning greeting to the photocopy man. Actually, she quite rarely did what she did this morning. What she thought was that as far as she knew, the photocopy man was absent yesterday because he was ill. "Getting better, mister?" asked the woman.

"Who's getting better?" He asked the woman back.

"You," answered the woman, pretty bemused. "I thought you were ill yesterday."

"No. My son's. He was very ill yesterday because he ate too much spinach."

The woman stopped dead. "Sorry? Too much spinach??"

"Yes. Didn't you know that consuming too much spinach could be poisonous?"

She shook her head. "No, I had no idea about that."

"Oh, well, my wife gave too much spinach to my son. I was very angry at her yesterday. She just never listened to me! - " The photocopy man looked grumpy and jabbering away of his wife's carelessness.

The woman, yet seemed not to listen to him anymore. Then, right after he stopped talking, she interrupted to dismiss their conversation. She went into her office and after a few minutes she decided to ask her boss - a mother who has a 7-year-old daughter and 5-month-old baby - about the idea of poisonous spinach. The boss nodded her agreement. She said that spinach should not be reheated as well if you did not want to get poisoned. The woman felt worse. She no longer quite pleased for herself because she had prepared the lunch for her baby. She immediately made a call to her mother-in-law who was looking after her baby at that day. And what the mother-in-law said has made her feel worse. It turned out once you cook spinach, it should be eaten before 12 hours afterward. The woman then abruptly asked the mother-in-law not to give what she had prepared to her baby.

The baby... had been saved from a silly clumsiness of her mother. How on earth could that be?

The photocopy man at my workplace is called Salmon. Every morning, I pass in front of his room but never stop to chitchat with him. Only a short good morning for him. That day, I even did not have any clue why I stopped by and asked to him about his absence on the day before. One thing for sure, on that day, I believe, God might have sent an angel who borrowed his body to tell me before I might have made a big fat mistake to my baby.

My baby's name: Vinn Anselius Kristov Julistiono.
Vinn = Conquerer
Anselius = God's protection
Kristov = Christian
Julistiono = surname

Thank You, Jesus for protecting my son. I should know You really care for every single thing of us. Even the one which seemed so silly.

Friday, 16 November 2007
10:17 am

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********Icha******** said...

wakakaaka..... wih keren yah... pantes waktu itu kata ce Yuyu, ce Jes lagi bicara seru ama Bu Lisa. Ternyata ini toh....

Vinn, untunglah...