first a singer, then a cookie, now the beverages!!

I'm a wine.
You've got class up the ass-- and a minor air of pretentiousness to boot. It's important to you to know more than the other people in the room, but you try to achieve such status in an understated manor. Though people might be captivated by your sophisticated wisdom and ability to discuss philosophy for hours, that dash of egotism in your fancy wine glass can be a major turn off. You should be able to bring yourself down to the level of us common folk from time to time.
Actually I don't really fancy this drink. Oh, well, actually, I don't drink alcohol so much. Just in particular time in special occasion I'd love to sip some.

I'm an espresso.
I love this drink. Oh, well, actually any coffee will do as long as it is not too bitter and too sweet. Hot is better than cold.

I'm an orange crush
You're energetic and love summer and having fun with friends and family.
I love this drink as well. Anyone would like to treat me one?

So I'm the combination of the three drinks lahhh....

Wednesday, 14 November 2007
1:06 pm

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