me on mother's day

Mother's day in Indo is commonly celebrated today on 22nd of December. And now I came to think about what is the real meaning of it to me.

22nd of December used to be the one which reminded me of few years ago when I was a freshman in college. First thing you usually face once you enter a college is to get prepared of the orientation program for freshmen. Fortunately, the program in my college is not as rough as the other colleges (read: state university). They usually learn about Christian ethics and value (mine is a Christian university) in their activities during the program. Every freshman also needs to attend in national ceremonies during the first year as one of the requirements to have their graduation day. Mother's day turned out, at my year, to be included as one of those ceremonies. On the very same year I became a freshman and needed to attend the Mother's day ceremony, I decided no to do. I decided to go home to my hometown. Which had resulted I had to attend one whole year of national ceremonies either during my sophomore, junior or senior year. Silly, isn't it? But that always makes the following Mother's Days as special as my best-friend's birthday - to remind me of my silliness.

22nd of December also reminds me of my poor memory to always say 'I Love You' to my mom. For your information, it is not an usual thing for us, Indonesian people just to say 'I Love You' either to our own parents or children, not to mention of the other family. It is easier to say so to our new boy/girlfriend. I have no idea, why. I am trying to put the habit of saying 'I Love You' in my family. However, my mom never asks, "What do you want? Extra pocketmoney?" whenever I said 'I Love You' to her, that's what my dad did, anyway. My mom always said, "Yeah. Me too."

This year, Mother's Day has reminded me of a new thing - a new life I am living with. My son. Being a mother is not easy, yet is quite fun. There is an irreplaceable special connection between me and him. Yet, I know one thing still the same - that he has been sent from up above to be God's assistant to make me a better woman - a better human being.

Happy Mother's Day!! I love you, Mom!!

Saturday, 22 December 2007
7:51 pm

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