coffee, please!!

I have been addicted, it turns out.

By far, coffee actually becomes my favorite drink. Once a day, I sip a cup of hot cappuccino or hot coffee or hot latte. It depends on which coffee stored in my shelf . Smelling the aroma makes me relax. The caffeine will come through my throat and spread inside. It feels very nice.

Relax is now not the only effect I experience after sipping coffee, I found out. For weeks, I had been trying to write an article for the website I run in my workplace. And for weeks as well, I had been stuck in one or two sentences only. I could not manage to elaborate the sentences. I had done some research to do the article, a picture had been shaped in my mind about what I should have written, but still, my fingers could not translate the picture into words. Today, I took my cappuccino to my workplace. I did not intend to sip it because I am down writing the article, yet the effect was awesome. While sipping my cappuccino, I did another attempt to continue writing the article. Less than an hour, the article was finished and when I submitted it to my supervisor for approval, she did it straightaway after a few minutes reading. Wow.

For several minutes I was thinking about this little success and found out that apparently, most of the time I spend my time for writing a fiction or a script with a cup of coffee as my company. Even though I do not deny that another time inspiration did come to me, I do not need caffeine to boost me up. However, I would not refuse if someone wants to treat me some coffee.
Starbucks is good, but Gloria Jean's is better. Cappuccino or Latte, please....

Wednesday, 23 January 2008
2:00 pm

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~~Devita~~ said...

sugesti yah? coba deh dilakukan yang kemarin i bilang di ruangan cece :D:D:D