ingat-ingat masa lalu

Kemarin saya menemukan dus yang isinya barang-barang lama saya dan hubby. Sebuah buku nongol diantara tumpukan barang-barang lama itu. Saya ambil, saya bersihkan dari debu terus saya buka. Isinya bikin pikiran saya melanglang buana ke momen-momen pada waktu saya kuliah dulu. Sebagai informasi, saya dulu kuliah di jurusan Sastra Inggris, yang berarti banyak berhubungan dengan buku-buku sastra (termasuk prosa, puisi dan drama), menulis (jurnal, esai, penelitian, metode kuantitatif) dan ngomong-ngomong (dalam bahasa Inggris tentunya!)

Isi buku itu adalah jurnal pada waktu saya mengikuti mata kuliah Menikmati Sastra (Literary Enjoyment). Namanya memang aneh sih, tapi saya menikmati betul tuh kelas itu. Tiap minggu kami disuruh bikin jurnal. Boleh pengalaman pribadi, boleh pengalaman orang lain, boleh juga cuma sekedar imajinasi atau opini. Ini nih jurnal saya waktu itu. Jangan diejek ya... coz saya juga waktu itu kan masih belajar... eh sekarang juga masih belajar sih....

REFLECTION (theme: Nature)
When I was a kid
I just like to bit
I even still remember
My mom made me like amber
But now,
I have had my own way
That in my life row
Nature becomes my reflection
You see me as fire
As I threat you like dragon
And burn away anyone
My hear will be white like snow
Which shall liquid
While you shower me with your love
I'm like a dove
She always wants to fly away
But going home when she is tired
I am as a small river
Eternally flows down the sea of life
But sometimes wants to utter from the rule
Just watch a tree and you watch me
Standing stronger and stronger
Because the sun, the air and the water love it so much
So that it can grow up
I can't live without beloved
My family, my friends, my lover and the most
My Lord's touch
I'm like the wind, from time to time
Can comfort you and endanger you
Even though you dislike me too much
You cannot disown
You need my heart to touch
As you need an angel from heaven
Score: nice and daring

UNSENT (theme: people around you)
Dear Iwan,
It's been two years,
But two thousand years for me
I wonder you're here
Like a flower with her bee
Still remember in my mind
A shape of one face
That two years ago I found
Showered my soul to be fresh
I never had a brave
To entrust you - a piece of my heart
I used to have a love
That I want to be apart
I was too weak to reach you
So I got hurt
When I closed my book of life
That you had filled
Now you're there and I'm here
There's a wall we cannot see
Though every night I'm on my knees for prayer
I know your love doesn't belong to me
Time goes on and on
I reopen my closed book of life
And write a new page for another love
My day of loving you is done
But I learn something to dive
That love is not to puff!
Score: very good

CHRISTIAN WORLD OF MINE (theme: nationalism)
born in Christian environment
made me grow up
as the girl who loves not resentment
that have a faith like a rock
is a must
even though I'm Chinese
i know neither the tradition
nor the basis
i am an Indonesian
i want to be proud of my country
but sometimes they supposed me not
just because i'm yellow (and they're brown)
and have a cross at my necklace
they do not tell on my face
that i'm disliked
but eyes are always honest, right?
i am Christian indeed
they killed my friends
still love is inside of me
they bombed my Lord's house
i forgive them deeply
they discriminate me by disdain
praying for them is the one i thought
is it not enough?
i do those things
not because of you or them!
i do it because
HE told me to do so
what else?
nothing to pause
i only follow my Father's role
Score: wonderful

SKY OF MY SOUL (theme: imagination)
While I'm standing in the middle of the night
And I look at the sky
I want someone by my side
To accompany me to fly
I wish I could feel my stars around me
Comfort me in the darkest night
O, my stars, my twinkle stars
If only you could tell me
How gloomy my bustling city
Though lamps light on the streets
Still, my heart is so lonely
O, my sky, my red sky
Could you tell me why
People wear the masks on their face
And pretend to say the world needs to refresh
O, my star, my falling star
I wish I could fly with you
Leaving this city and its roar
But I know I can't do
Do you know, my falling star?
Help me to find a piece of my soul
You cannot find it in a bar
Neither in my friend's heart, Paul
When you're gone, my falling star
I regain I am still on my place
To go on my life with its war
But something happens inside of me
That my wish might be fulfilled
When I don't stop to try
Gathering piece by piece of my soul
And unite it!
My soul has come back
Score: excellent

I saw a little girl and her brother
They walked hand in hand
Going to church together
They sit on the chair and did not pretend
That they could sing better than their Sunday school teacher
I saw a little girl and her brother
When their mother bought the little brother some toys
She whined her mother to buy a kite for her
And her mother said, "Sweetie, it's for boys."
Four days later the little girl didn't want to play with her brother
I saw a little girl and her brother
Having a breakfast in one morning
But, why did they shout each other?
O, the little girl was late coming
When her brother had been ready with his father
Going to school for studying
I saw a little girl and her brother
Something changed of them
I thought they looked taller
The brother was quite handsome
When the little girl was sweeter
What happened with them?
I do not see a little girl and her brother anymore
Where are they? Where are they?
In my ear, someone whispered,
"I could say."
Being aware, I was in front of my mirror
I smiled with the girl in front of me
"It's you when you were in your childhood."
The girl in the mirror answered,
"You're not wrong."
Score: imaginative and good language

ETERNAL HAPPINESS (theme: feeling)
Through the fine land,
I grow my precious life
Through the swift river
I flow the whole of my soul
Through the shinny sun
I feel the light of my heart
Through the beautiful flower
I realize the wonderful beauty I have
Through the friendly wind
I blow my friendship breath
Through the blue sky
I paint my romantic feeling
Through the greedy grasshopper
I listen to the music of my world
Through the singing bird
I send my love letter
Through the stars in the night
I kiss my lover goodbye
Through the colorful rainbow
I color my black world
Through God's creation around me
Eternal happiness is inside of me
Score: very good

Trixy is in a traffic jam
She is headache and feels hot
She wish that her car can run out of this jam
But when she is thinking of her and her old car, both
Suddenly she hears something
Her car says to her,
"Boss, what are you thinking?"
For a while she thinks someone is talking to her
However, no one but her car
"My car can speak!" she screams
Her stomach makes some noises and when she thinks about a bar;
"If only my car can give me some food," she dreams
There they are, french-fries and coca-cola after her
Being surprised, a beautiful music is heard,
comforting her soul and heart
Like a bird on a shady tree
Trixy feels very comfortable
Her car whispers to her ear carefully,
"Let me switch on the air conditioner."
Soon, she can feel some chilly air nicely
While she almost sleeps,
she remembers having a meeting in her office
So, she orders her car to jump and fly
Leaving the traffic jam
She press a button and her car has been ready with its wings;
But someone shouts at her
Then she realizes that she is still in traffic jam
with her old car
Still headache and hot and noisy stomach
and absolutely without her speaking car
Score: excellent

Setelah saya baca-baca lagi... SAYA MALU. Kok bisa ya saya nulis kayak begituan???

Tuesday, 24 June 2008
2:38 pm

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jason said...

jc malu?..
apa kata dunia?..
lagian tuh score kn sip2 smua..

jc said...

Ihhh.. jessie juga manusia... bisa malu juga... ntu score dari dosen langsung yo!!! :D