the forth day after the show

Well… today is the forth-day after the show!!! I have not posted some blogs during these four days. Really!

The show was great, however. Each of us had played our role pretty well. Yosua was cool. Michael was awesome. And Stefanus was good too. Yeah… you are not expecting me to say something about my own self, right? I was… well, dunno – somewhat good? Some of the audience said I was cool too, but I truly did not have any idea about that. That was what people said. Even Kak Lisa said I was good. The guest star, Mickey Jakarimilena from Indonesian Idol I was not what we expected. He is really a shy guy!

Let me tell you something after I watched the recorded video. I do not think I was good. I mean, that was not me – the one who I watched. That should be me, but… yah… I just want to say that if you were me, you would think like me too – that everybody on the video looked ok but me. Yeah. That’s true. I do not think I look good on that video. Hey, you… all of my fans, my secret admirers, never watch me through video because you probably reconsider about still being my fans and secret admirers.

Another hard job is waiting, anyway. It is my preparation – my wedding preparation. Honestly, I did not touch anything due to the preparation before the show. Well, you know me, Stitch. It is still six months away. Then… it is still five months left. So what? Then… it is four… what? Four? Four months left?? Gosh!!! And I haven’t prepared anything well yet??? It should be yesterday for me to collect all the names to be invited. But yesterday was smoothly gone. I guess it was my fault too. My fiancee’s mother and brother has warned me about the preparation and yeah… it will be useless. I mean… it’s me, Stitch!!! Helllooo???? The more they push me to do all things, the more stubborn I will be not to do anything. Haa!!! Bad girl, Stitch… It’s awfully true. That preparation, I mean, is something I think I will enjoy it, but it’s not that enjoyable. There are so much things to think, to consider, to rethink, to reconsider, to do even though you do not like it. Believe me, you will find lots of unseen needles everywhere but they hurt you.

Now, if I remember San, how he has worked hard in Melbourne to take me out of Indonesia and temporarily stay there about a year, I think I have to review my bad habit.

- The restaurant! I think I need to ask something about the menu, the master of ceremony and the decoration they provide
- The bridal and photo studio! Check San’s tuxedo too and reschedule the cancelled make-up test
- Aris!! After September Camp, I am going to push Aris, my dear brother about the design of the invitation and the souvenir. And… yeah, he has to take a picture of me first dealing with the design.
- San!!! I really need to talk to him about this preparation. He must help me handle his family here. I almost give up. And.. of course, I have to ask him to take a picture of himself too and send the picture to my email so that we (Aris and me) can do the design immediately.
- Preparing the invitation and the souvenirs, I have asked HP to take care of the copied CD
- Call Arthemis about the video klip. Do I really need it, you ask me, Stitch? I do not really need it, but I think I’d love it. =)
- Clothes for my mom and my fiancee’s, will this Friday be ok?

I think I am going to sleep… It’s too late and I have been tired already, by the way.

Wednesday, 31 August 2005
01.26 am

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