Friday, August 26, 2005

steven, me, yosua, and san

Everything’s getting better today. We do have that feeling, a true fact about the show – that we will play on the stage. Steven had been preparing all the decoration by his own self from afternoon to evening. Wow! What a strong boy, so quiet boy. And because of Steven, the decoration has been ready and we were all about to rehearsal on the decorated stage.

Another true fact about myself is that right now I don’t really like to eat something. All food seems tasteless. I guess it’s all about my worries. I haven’t made a call to my mom, while actually I have promised her to call. I think tomorrow is an appropriate day to call or send her a message, whatever. I need to buy some pulse for my cell-phone. Tomorrow is a pay day!! Haha!

Yosua looked awful after practicing. Everyday I know him more, talk each other, and slowly but sure I probably have considered him as my own brother. His characters are mostly like my brother’s, Tian. Quiet but humorous. I asked him only if he had been sleepy and tired. He said yes. He is going to school at six o’clock in the morning. Hoho, I guess I am still sleeping. Taking a look at Yosua, I remember Tian. It is quite long for us not to have a friendly chat. I really miss him.

I was chatting with San through yahoo messenger like usual. It didn’t work out well, however. The messenger, I mean. It drove me crazy to have some lost while chatting with him. The techno was somewhat helping, but never depend on it too much. Seeing the person is the best way to have a good communication. San dropped me some messages, that showed me how much he cares about me. I need him to hug me, give me strength.

Well, I think enough for today. I need to have my body to take a rest, incredibly posses enough sleep so that I can fondly wake up tomorrow. I still need your prayer.

Thursday, 26 August 2005
12.05 am

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