Tuesday, March 21, 2006

commonwealth games fever

Welcome to commonwealth games…!!!!

Well, I think it’s a bit late to give welcoming to the games, since they have already started a week ago. Along with the games, there are lots of events up coming in the city. Parade. Circus. Arts. Play. Concert. Lots of them. I got dizzy to pick few of them to come. However, there were several of them I had missed and the followings are my tips for you all if you would like to come to those parties.

1. Never wake up late just the way we did on the day of Moomba Parade (the midday before the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games) being up to, because you would miss everything and you did not get anything but the last part of the parade (it was unfortunately Barongshai, which I’d ever watched before) and you won’t be the only one who’d love to come to the event; you're in fact competing with thousands people
2. Get a ladder with you only if you’re certain that you’re short enough to see the show with hundreds to thousands people after you. Otherwise, you would find yourself jumping all the time and still, you could not satisfyingly witness the great moments
If you don’t have any ladder, get prepared with drugs for your boyfriend or husband so that they are strong enough to carry you on their shoulder for a few time
3. Don’t say no to junk food; you will be thankful for the existence of McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks or Subway, because you can buy your lunch or dinner, carry them with you, and rush to the events you desire to see without getting late and stomachache
4. Take the booklets of the schedule with you everywhere, though you are not planning to go to the events and stay at your campus to study; otherwise you will regret it if you change your mind not to stay at campus and go to those fascinating events (trust me, they are very tempting!!)
5. Take your camera as well wherever you go or you’ll miss anything remarkable moments (You said you can put all the splendid things in your mind? Do not lie to me. You cannot, of course, save them in your mind all the times. Your job, lessons, and another moments will soon replace them)

However, I reckon all the Australians here have got the commonwealth games fever. Most of them bought some tickets to watch the games and every time I get on the tram, I saw lots of people carrying Australian flag (S – small size, M – medium size, L – large size, and even XL – extra large), putting some colors of the flag on their faces, wearing caps and jackets with Melbourne 2006 embroidered on them, etc. There is one interesting ad I do like that says Support can make the difference. It’s true. Lots of Australians are going there, giving their support for the athletes and what they do is not of no use. Up to now, Australia has been at the first place among the other countries, followed by England (or United Kingdom) and Canada.

I am not about to go and buy the tickets, even though I’d love to, yet I think I’m in love already with the people here. This afternoon, when I was going home by tram after shopping family food in the city, there was a girl wearing a Wales-flag-colored t-shirt and a name tag on her neck, and –if I’m not mistaken reading her tag– she’s one of the athletes from the country. She was no beauty (based on women magazine). Taking a seat in the tram, a man greeted her excitedly, asking her some questions, talking to her and wishing her luck when getting off the tram. I never saw such phenomenon in Indo. Well, you know what I am trying to say, do you? You must be a very pretty girl or have an extremely good-looking to get some greetings from strangers. You must wear very nice suit that makes you look gorgeous and rich so that many eyes have a curious look at you and the owners will be wondering to how to get to know you. Here, particular individuals are highly appreciated with their skill, not appearance. Appearance is somewhat important, but definitely not in the first place.

Nevertheless, I’m still thinking that appearance is still in the top of the list in Indo; because if it is not, they won’t bother of RUU pornografi and pornoaksi.

Monday, 20 March 2006
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