another gift

Granny is getting better, Dad said. And I know God has been taking care of her indeed for me because I could not be there. That was one gift. Another gift came to me delivered by Dad via SMS. He told me I have won writing competition held by Femina magazine last year and it was informed via a letter. No, I do not win the first prize, I have only won ‘harapan 2’ but that fact has made me slightly happy. When I sent out the story, it was just too good to be true that I could win and my story would be regarded as the worthy one to be published at the magazine. I mean, I had ever sent one story to it, but then they mailed me to say that for some reason the story could not be published.

Well, I do like writing. That is why this blog exists, anyway. However, until now, I still do not have any idea that my writing is good enough to read by the other people. The fact that even my hubby rarely gives comments on my writings but only gives his ‘hmm’ has made me assume: it is just my dreamy idea that writing is truly one of my talents. I wrote several playwrights for theater, but I reckon none of them might be called a good literature. I know someone better than me in writing playwrights. And I have been tolerant enough to be compared with his every time I show my script to friends who also know him as well as his talent. On the other hand, when I read a friend’s writing, somehow I get stunned of the reason why I cannot even write the way she does.

Come on, give me a break, how could I tell you all the rubbish about the foolish question of I-genuinely-have-a-talent-in-writing-or-not after the gift I have received today? Maybe I should take it as a confirmation that the gift has opened the door I have been waiting to for a long time.

Monday, 24 April 2006
03:51 pm

ps 1: To all who has put my granny in your prayer, I know my thanks are not enough, but really big thanks for your prayer. Bless u.

ps 2: Honestly, I'm still not sure that I am really one of the winners in the writing competition, maybe I should check first before I am too flying to seventh heaven... .

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