live your life and your dream

Well, the gift that I have received several days ago obviously has something to do with Karina, a new character I created just few times afterward. It seems that my dream to be a writer is not too good to be true. I told you the door has opened for me and I’m now in to open the next door.

Everyone has their own dream. I do have mine too. However, I realize that it is not easy at all to reach the dream. Yes, I agree if it is, then it won’t be called a dream. Talking about dream means talking about life, which for me, is about to struggle. Not easy to reach the dream, not easy to have perfect life.

I still remember how I got jealous with one of my friend, who has now become one of my relatives, for what a smooth life she has. She is an outgoing person, which means most of her friends like her. She is an interesting girl, which means it’s not difficult for her to have a new boyfriend after splitting up with the old one. She gets the brain, which means she is well educated person. She has not any significant problem about her family. She has a good relationship with her mom. She could easily apply for her master degree without financial problem. And as though it is not perfect yet, once she got married, she did not have to face a problem of living-with-parents-or-parents-in-law and having-home-loan. I am not saying she does not have any problems at all. I believe she does. Yet I do not think she just understands me and my life – how I should struggle among my friends, how I confront family problem which is closely related with financial problem, how hard I attempt to have got a scholarship to grab a master degree (which is not successful yet until now).

I may say it is all under God’s rule, but it is not easy to accept that, though. In fact, I sometimes ask to nobody about why the others seem to have a perfect life, but had not I. Problems never get bored to linger around me.

However, my imperfect and unsmooth life has made me appreciate it even more – that everything which I have reached with difficulty becomes precious. If I had them easily, they might be pitifully neglected soon.

By the way, this is my dream. This is my uneasy life.

“… so reach for the stars;
climb every mountain higher; reach for the stars; follow your hearts desire; reach for the stars; and when that rainbow's shining over you; that's when your dreams will all come true;

there's a place waiting just for you; it's a special place where your dreams all come true; fly away; swim the ocean blue; drive that open road; leave the past behind you; don't stop; gotta keep moving; your hopes have gotta keep building; never ever forget that; i've got you and you've got me so …”

taken from Reach – S Club 7

So, no matter how hard it takes to grab my dream, I’m gonna do it. That is my decision on how to live my life – to make it precious, to make it come true. And the other’s life has nothing to do with mine, whatever perfect it is. Gosh, I wish I can introduce Karina to all of you soon…. Well, just wait and you’ll see….

Thursday, 27 April 2006
06:32 pm

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dy_nita said...

Go for it, sist! Some big things start from a dream (see my blog hehehe)..GBU