Mom sent me message last night. It turned out to be about granny. Granny has looked unhealthy recently. She’s been brought to doctor and the doctor said she’s all fine. I am not sure what happens to granny, as a matter of fact. And today is her birthday, by the way. She is a beautiful 84-year-old lady and not a common granny. She likes Westlife more than I do. Boxing is one of her favorite sport to watch. I still remember when I was in high school, I was watching the video of Oasis, granny told me that it’s a nice song. Geez, I am not sure no old woman but her likes that group.

To be honest, yes, I am a bit worried. We have a close relationship. She had brought me up along with my parents. I learned loads from her. She is not just a granny, she is a best friend as well. Dad and mom had reminded me to call her on her birthday. I guessed they’re afraid I would forget it, how could I? I never forget granny’s big day. Yet, when I gave her a call and my auntie picked it, I should say that granny is unhealthy indeed. I mean, for an old woman like her, it is simply understandable that sometimes she does not feel well, but I never expect that granny would not talk, get up from her bed and do something except laying down as though she is a boneless creature. Yes, auntie said so. Granny has no desire either to talk nor to do something else like usual. She cannot get up from her bed. And the worse thing, granny has assumed that there is something wrong with her body even though the doctor said she is physically very well. She talked to me, though. Finally. Her voice sounded weak, but she could still tell me that she missed me after I gave wishes of her birthday. I tried to tease and cheer her up just like usual to make her and myself more comfortable – so that I am not to be too worried about her. It’s not that easy, though. Just after I hang up the phone, tears fell down on my cheek. I am absolutely worried about her. The idea of possible-coming-bad-things has cropped up in my mind. I wish I could fly to Indo to visit her, to let her know that I care and love her indeed. I definitely know that my tears were nothing and could not help her. I just could not stop it falling.

My hubby said I could just do praying here. And I disagree with him. Praying is not just. Praying is something more than just. I can tell you that Dad in heaven listens to my prayer and is taking care of granny for me. I believe so. And, please, if you don’t mind, put my granny in your prayer as well.

Saturday, 21 April 2006
11:38 pm

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hubby said...

I never say 'just' to weaken its meaning. I said 'just' to emphasize on the better things we could do instead of crying.