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Happy easter..!!

Never presume that Easter celebration at Melbourne would be that marvellous. I mean, I was always extremely busy at Indo whenever Easter approaches, preparing everything for activities during the occasion at church, rigidly thinking other different bustles to have more splendid occasion. Right here, I am obviously not involved in any ministry activity at church. And when I came to Easter celebration yesterday, there was no sign of special ceremony. Well, they might use a different system which then took a longer ceremony than usual, but that’s all. Oh, I really, really miss designing bustles of special occasion like I used to do. In here, Easter deals with bunnies and eggs (lots of chocolates in bunny and egg are in sale out there!), which I’m not sure of the correlation between those two things and Easter. I thought Easter should be celebrated to remember the resurrection of Jesus, rite?

Anyway, I am now struggling with livid on my up-left cheek. Every time it’s getting smaller, it is then accidentally hit by another thing again. And like it is not enough yet, my hubby made it worse last time when he by accident smacked me right on the same place! It was very painful aftermath, getting bigger and then, blackened. I have pasted lots of medicine on the livid, and today is the third day I stick a yellow junior band-aid on it. Comical, I reckon. An old man once greeted me on tram last two days and asked me about how I got it. Pretty funny, isn’t it, I suppose in here, you can have a stranger speak to you as though you two have very well known each other and tell that you are a lovely girl, just because you stick a yellow junior band-aid on livid of your face? Well, maybe I have made breakthrough, because I suppose women around here are crazy about beauty, which obviously talks about slim body, nice hair, and smooth face. No, I do care about my livid and just because a stranger told me how lovely I am with this yellow band-aid, I stop pasting medicine on the livid? No way! By the way, any idea how to vanish it? Except going to doctor or beauty center, of course, because I do not think I have much money to pay them.

What? Books? Oh yes! I almost forget I put books in my title. Well, surprise, surprise, my hubby, who is definitely not a nerd even though he has pretty thick glasses before his eyes, were shopping books yesterday! We were going to Book and CD exhibition at Melbourne Exhibition Center after having Easter ceremony. He heard from his friend that the prices were about $1-2. Cheap, eh? Perhaps, that explained why he took me there, hehe. After a couple of hours slipping ourselves among thousands of books (!) – and I got dizzy to pick which books I would love to purchase, because I thought I wanted all!! – I picked 5 books with me and he picked (unpredictably) even 2 more books aka 7 books with him to purchase. And guess what, he even has started reading one of them on the tram by the way home. Hmm, cute..!

Monday, 17 April 2006

03:50 pm

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what so cute about reading books??