jc's 5 top wanted things

jc's 5 top wanted things that are unavailable at melbourne:

1. goling! You can't find goling anywhere here, otherwise you have to bring your own goling from indo.
2. mie ujung pandang/ ujung pandang egg-noodles! and I also miss the hot sambal which can make me get stomache in the following morning. I don't care, anyway!
3. soto pekalongan (a yummy traditional food of Pekalongan, my hometown); I've asked some friends where to buy tauco here, but they have no idea... ughhhh!
4. megono (another yummy and hot traditional food of Pekalongan made of young jackfruit); I absolutely understand that I won't find any restaurant here serving this food!
5. kepiting prima/ prima crab (with special spices, nyemmm...); crab is very expensive here and it may not be as tasty as Prima's. For those who do not know what Prima is, Prima is a restaurant in Comal, Pekalongan which serves tasty, yummy, and spicy food, specialized in crab.

Why do 4 out of 5 jc's wanted things above deal with food? And why do I terribly want those food?? I don't have any idea, but for your information, my weight has increased 4 kilos up to yesterday! I never reached 44 kilos before. Hello, hello, jc's getting fatter... praise the Lord! And when I go back to Indonesia, I am going to ask anyone (maybe you? or you? or you?) , including my hubby (who is also not getting thinner here, even gets bigger tummy) to consume the food I've been missing for nearly a year.

Monday, 10 April 2006
03:01 pm

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