... well, it's over again

So…? What have I done? After getting a job that I had been looking for since I came here? I quit. Well, this blog now proudly presents: JESSIE THE HOUSEWIFE IS BACK!!

No…, I’m not that proud, though. I’m not happy at all that I am now once again, unemployed and let my hubby be the only bread winner at home. I take it, you must ask why I should quit? I suppose I have broken one of PCC’s golden rules: never be a grasshopper. I mean, I started my training last Wednesday, and this Wednesday I’ve already been seated at the computer lab, looking for another job – after all the loving details I have presented to you all that I’ve got a job. Yet, I promise not to employ myself in Chinese Restaurant if I still would like to earn much money, to have good salary, and to build a house once I go back to Indonesia.

My problem at the workplace, as a matter of fact, deals with the boss. I do not think I could stand working well with his style. Yes, Mr. L, I guess, must have a very quiet wife, because he, as a man, is a very talkative person. During the training, I had been given the same instructions delivered for countless times a day. Something like: ‘do you understand or not?’, ‘you don’t worry, I train people, I know how to train people.’, ‘you’re no good at all on pouring beer, you should do like this (he gave example, he went off, got back and did the same thing all over again – I’d just realized how stupid I was just to do pouring beer!!)’, ‘you must remember where the drinks are, otherwise you cannot work’, ‘you must be able to work here’, ‘use your common sense! I’ve told you many times!’, ‘you look them (the staffs – jc), they’re very happy working here, it is very pleasant to work here.’(and are you trying to say I’m insane because I’m unhappy working here?), ‘I’m the boss here, it’s not easy for me as the boss to train new staff, you know, you won’t find the boss like me in the other place like in here.’, ‘it’s not easy to teach, you know, but I know how to teach’, ‘look through the notes I gave, if you read it at home, it will be easier for me to teach you.’, or ‘you’re lucky you don’t study like the other girls, you don’t do anything at home (what?? You think I felt lucky with that fact?? I would like to study as well!)’ were buzzing around my ears over and over during 10 hours training a day. He also expected me not to be absent at all during the 2-weeks training. And today, I was supposed to do my training from 11am to 3pm and 4pm to 10pm. Who do you think I am, Mr. L?? Wonder woman?

Then, I had made last night to be my last training day. I did my best. I helped what I could do. He had allowed me to serve customers a little bit, but mostly after I did, he pulled me off the table and gave lots of snappish instructions of this and that in front of the customers (and what he did had reminded me once when I was in high school and the teacher found me cheating and he snapped me in front of my classmates). Once I heard one customer told Mr. L that I was doing very well, but he said it’s all because he trained me. Hey, Mr. L, have I done much effort too?? You don’t think so?? How come??

Yesterday, I asked him (and I reckon, I had right to ask such question, did I?) about when I could start working. That’s all. He gave me a pissed-off look, as though I was too impatient to do my training, and the consequence was I had to receive his repetitious more-snappish instructions and hundreds of critics dealt with my question that could redden my ears. I gave him five words of one question, and he answered me hundreds words of snaps and barks.

That was my main problem. The other one was about salary. I thought in the very first time, the salary was good enough. Yet I was mistaken. All the waiters/waitress are paid per shift, not per hour (I’d observed after my hubby suggested me to do so). For dinner time (4pm – 12am) of Sunday to Thursday, we are paid $50; of weekends, we are paid $55, for lunch (11am – 3pm), we are paid $30 and we could still have tips from the customers. According to my interview with one of the waitress, the top record of the given tips she’s ever known was $50. It’s in a rare condition (full house and crowded). So, give me your opinion, is it reasonable enough between the money you will earn and all the tasks you must do? Let me give you a bit description of the tasks.

The tasks include:
1. Making drinks (spirits, with fat glass --> gin, vodka, tequila, etc ; bitter drinks, with tall glass --> bitter lime lemonade, bitter lime soda, etc; wines, with wine glass --> red wine, chardonnay, mossele, etc; beers, with beer glass --> crown lager, cascade light, heiniken, etc; common drinks, with normal glass --> coke, lemonade, lemon squash, ice water, etc; hot drinks, with cup --> cappuccino, white flat, espresso, etc). You will also be highly expected to remember where they exactly are and the correct price of them;
2. Carrying trays in proper way (with things on them);
3. Carrying bowls, plates, big plates, glasses in proper way;
4. Using spoon and fork in proper way (chopsticks likely);
5. Setting the table in proper way once after customers leaving;
6. Pouring beer and wine in proper way to every customer and always ask them if they need more drinks (for more money, definitely);
7. Remembering all the prices of all the menu, including soups, entrees, main dishes, desserts, banquets, drinks, and additional meal;
8. Taking orders with accurate procedure;
9. Serving the customers for their main dishes every time they need or do not need (actually) and special menu, for instance: crabs, lobster, etc;
10. Recognizing all the dishes in several days only;
11. Cleaning the restaurant, excluding the kitchen and toilets – (thank goodness!);
12. Washing glasses (it’s the easiest part!);
13. Waving your hand to invite pedestrians, especially the Australians, the white people, who happen to pass in front the restaurants to come in and eat there. In short, be a display girl;
14. Purchasing your own uniform ($25 for white blouse, $10 for black long skirt, $40 for black shoes);
15. Bringing your own pen (because your boss does not provide) to write all the orders of your boss’ customers.

Is it ok if I quit? Do you think it’s easy for me to ask Mr. L to quit? It’s absolutely not, for a girl like me. It’s been six days of training, anyway and I’ve been well ahead. If I quit, both of us have really been wasting our time. We have. Gosh, I thanked God Mr. L did not say anything but let me go, once I went to his restaurant and asked to resign.

However, after all the experience I did in the restaurant, I realize something that how fortunate I was working in my previous workplace (read: PCC) – with a very nice boss (I miss you, K’Lisa!!), helpful and friendly colleagues, who can be particularly best-friends in need and indeed (Lydia, B’Magda, Desi, Yulan, Bambang, I really miss you all, believe it or not!). I am about to learn to appreciate my tasks as a staff in PCC, which I sometimes supposedly make it easier than it should be.

That’s it. I am now a free agent, but I’m not giving up. No, I am not going to grumble and whimper to be jobless again. I’m not jobless, however. I am a housewife. And I want to be a great housewife as well for my hubby.

Wednesday, 12 April 2006
08:40 pm

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dy_nita said...

Hiks...aku terharu Jes..we all miss too...Hiks...kangen nih Jes! Beneran...Btw, never give up ya! God will give you the best in His right time...Be patient&be strong!

Pei Fun said...

I am sure you'll find the better one Jes! You deserve it! Listening and reading your story, that's a sane decision. In the meantime, enjoy your time here and explore the city (which i'm sure you've done it;)) cu next friday ya...

hubby said...

I think you forget to mention some details when u quit the job (the night before and the 11am of that day)... :P