my first job, my first shopping at melbourne

Mr. G.L. : … take the notes with you home, learn them and come back here tomorrow at 4 o’clock to start your training
JC : (surprisingly) So, I got the job, Sir?
Mr. G.L. : Yes, you got the job, otherwise I would not ask you to buy the uniform
JC : (seriously excited) So I’m supposed to go home now and bring this note with me?
Mr. G.L. : (somewhat smiling) Yes, you may go home now and tell your husband that you’ve got a job here. Just make sure you’ll be here at 4 o’clock tomorrow.
JC : OK, Mr. L. Thank you very much! See you tomorrow!

Well, I reckon you can very easily guess where the above conversation is going to lead you. Yes!! I finally got a job! But first of all, let me give you the situational detail of what had happened two days ago.

Day 1 – 3 April 2006
At computer lab of Melbourne university (around 1pm)
Here I was mostly spending the time in order to look for a job. I got no message that implicitly told me I was still, sorry to say, unemployed and becoming a full-timer housewife. However, I didn’t give up easily. I was slightly sure enough that I got a work soon. After I applied a couple of vacant positions (a receptionist and shop assistant), I entered myself into the website of Melbourne university. Surprisingly, I found a vacancy to work in Chinese Restaurant, which I did want to post the resume few times ago – the one which asked all applicants to come after 11am to submit the resume but when I got there, it was closed – and had slightly a strange intuition that I had to get back there and re-submitted my resume. I re-read all the details of the vacancy and made sure the employer truly did not need experienced waiter/waitress and was willing to give training. As a matter of fact, I did not really care about how much he would pay me for. I needed a job! Therefore, I logged off the computer, collected my belongings and got out of the computer lab – heading to the city in order to re-submit my resume to the restaurant.
(around 2pm)
The restaurant was as before I came, but now only two customers were around. Then, I got in, a waitress came to me, once knew why I cropped up and told me to wait for the boss to see me. When the boss saw me, he asked my resume, read it for a while and gave me some questions like: ‘what’re you doing here?’, ‘haven’t you worked before?’, and when I said yes, he re-asked: ‘but not as a waitress, were you?’. I was a bit worried when he said so, wondering as though I came here again for nothing. After a slight pause, he asked me to go home and promised me to give me a call if he needed me. Honestly, I wasn’t sure at that time, that he would give me the job.
At home (around 5pm)
My regular activity of watching TV in the evening was interrupted with a call. I wasn’t annoyed, however, since it was from the boss (Mr. G.L.) of the Chinese restaurant, who asked me to come in the following day to have an interview with him. I would absolutely come, Sir!! Wait for me!! Yaiy!!

Day 2 – 4 April 2006
At computer lab of Melbourne university (around 12-1 pm)
I entered the website where I read the vacancy of the Chinese restaurant to make sure about the salary (as my hubby asked me to do so, too). And I did not find anything to do with it, only a note that the salary rate will be as much as starred hotel. Ung….
At the Chinese restaurant (around 2 pm)
I was asked to wait because he was a bit busy at that moment, serving a group of businessmen having lunch there. A few minutes passed and I found myself being asked related to the job I should handle. He said that the prices of the meal in the restaurant are not cheap, a bit expensive, though. He showed me a menu and once knew that he obviously did not lie ($25-$100 for a meal, $5 for a common drink and $more for special drinks). After the interview, he asked me to purchase a uniform for myself: a formal long white blouse, a formal long black skirt and black shoes. I could purchase any model of those stuffs, which should make me comfortable enough to wear them on. He gave me a couple of hours to purchase all of those things (and also gave a suggestion where I could find them with not-too-expensive price) and took a highlight that if I wanted the job, I had to go back there with the uniform. A bit confused of his order, I got on the road without an idea where should I go. However, the first thing I did was sending message to my hubby, asking his permission to spend his money with me because I assumed that would be a little bit big shopping. And for your information, this was my first shopping (out of food and daily needs) in Melbourne. Anyway, I, then decided to call Pei Fun, one of my friends who has lived here for more than one year and I was sure she could help me where to find the stuffs I need. I did the right thing, yes. She helped me a lot by giving ideas of some stores, where I could shop not-too-expensively. So, there I purchased $25 for the blouse at Target Department Store and $9.95 for the skirt at Katies. Big shopping, eh? What about the black shoes? I got them free, actually, thanks to Pei Fun, as she lent me hers for a few times until I got another time to buy the new one for me.

I got back to the restaurant much earlier than the boss was expecting. He showed me the notes of all I should do as a waitress, headed me to the kitchen to show some stuffs that I need to know and… yes, I got the job.

I rushed out of the restaurant with obvious happy face wearing on, thanking my Dad for the job. Yesterday was one of the others beautiful days of my life (even a bit windy, though)! Sing it: o happy day… lalalalalalalalala….

Wednesday, 5 April 2006
11:59 am

ps: thank you to all my friends who have been worried with/about me when I was looking for a job and prayed for it. Your support was highly appreciated. I’ll do my best!!

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