winter winter winter winter

The difficult things to do in winter:

1. Wake up early in the morning (the first sentence when my alarm rings in the mornings since winter is always: “I want to stay here forever!; it’s really, really nice under the warm blanket in winter);
2. Touch damned cold water (exception: taking a shower because I normally use hot water for it and it’s soooooo nice under the warm shower);
3. Urinate (especially when you have to wake up at midnight in the middle of your tight sleep just because of that f****** natural thing);
4. Avoid over-use heater for saving energy (the local government has warned its people to save energy, but I can’t help it);
5. Open fridge (but we still cannot avoid it on account of our needs over food supplies we keep in);
6. Undress and change clothes;
7. Keep my hands and the whole body warm (even though I have long-sleeve shirt, sweater and pocketed jacket altogether on!).

The easiest things to do in winter:

1. Sleep!
2. Sleep!
3. Sleep!
4. Drinking a glass of hot chocolate!
5. Sleep!
6. Sleep!
7. Take a shower!

The most favorite things to hold in winter:

1. sweater;
2. jacket;
3. beanie;
4. slipper;
5. heater;
6. blanket;
7. scarf.

What I wish to do in winter:

1. fly back to Indo or another warm place;
2. sleep all the time;
3. have free of charge of electricity fee during winter;
4. have remote control like Adam Sandler had in his latest movie ‘Click’;
5. bring my heater to everywhere I go;
6. consume hundred-glasses of hot chocolate or cappuccino or latte or espresso or anything hot!;
7. get under the warm shower all the time.

And this is just the beginning of winter…. Sob….

Tuesday, 6 June 2006
09:12 pm

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