after the so-yummy spaghetti and very-nice steak

We were having nice and nasty Sunday afternoon yesterday, since it was raining a lot the whole day.

So there we were (me, my hubby and my mother-in-law) heading to Camberwell to look around Sunday market in nasty weather – raining and cold. And after that I forced them to have lunch in Sofia Italia Restaurant nearby (thank you, Pei Fun for telling me a good place to eat steak!!). Yeah, the spaghetti was so yummy…!!!! The steak was also very niceee….!!!! And we were having big lunch there.

However, the day had not been over yet. We were heading to the city because I needed to go to the shop I work to check my schedule. Then we departed from Melbourne Central station to go home. Almost 5 o’clock in the afternoon, we were ready to go to church and there we found ourselves looking for my wallet and suddenly realized that my wallet had gone! My gosh.... I took several minutes to think about where I possibly left it. Then I took it I had to have my wallet left in Melbourne Central station. Stupid me!

On our way to the station (I went with my hubby), I realized that I might have left my wallet in toilet because I happened to go there first before seeing my hubby and mother-in-law at the platform we would depart.

Well, you know what?? Of course I did NOT find it anywhere in the toilet. Then, you must have guessed that we came to the Lost Property section and it turned out they did not find it either, yet they gave us their number in case they found it later and asked us to call them to check today.

Before we decided to go home, I tried to look for it in the toilet once again. I thought if I did not find it, I had to believe that it had probably gone forever. I DID NOT FIND IT even though for that fact I had to wait for someone pupping and stood there for the horrible smell. I almost gave up when seeing my hubby in front of the toilet but I found him on the phone and I had a strong feeling, the phone had something to do with my wallet.

After he hang up the phone, he told me that my wallet had been found and was at that moment in the Police station at Althem town, one hour from the city. It turned out someone took the wallet and brought it there with her (it had to be her, rite??? I left my wallet in ladies’ toilet, remember?). Then the police found my hubby’s ATM card and called the bank to inform about it and the bank called him about it. Well, that’s it. A few minutes later, we found ourselves in the tram heading to Althem town – a suburb of Melbourne we had even been there before.

It’s been around 6.30 o’clock in the evening when we arrived at the police station and had to believe that they found my wallet but my hundred bugs in it. Yes, I had lost a hundred bugs because I had been so silly and stupid to leave my wallet in ladies’ toilet of Melbourne Central station in the afternoon!!!! Gosh…. My hubby said we’ve got to be happy since the wallet had been found and just let the money go. It’s 100 dollars, however!!!

Then, I realized that I should be thankful about my wallet found so that we do not need to be worried about the important documents like my ID card, ATM cards, driving license, etc since they were safe, likely untouchable and back to my hand.

I sincerely hope someone who took my money could sleep well last night and spent the money wisely. Ha ha… for those who know me, is it possible for me to do so? Guess.

What an adventure.

Monday, 3 July 2006
12:15 pm

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Pei Fun said...

Finally... you eat there^ ^ nice isn't it? BIG portion too. About losing money, yeah that's bad but instead of feeling "irritated" perhaps we should learn to be less careless? (that's what Jusak told me;p) I've been there before so I know the feeling:) I lose brand new shoes I just bought as I (carelessly) forget to bring it when I eat with Jusak&Yanti in Crown. What a "hurt" experience to learn=)

hubby said...

Hoi... its Eltham... not Althem...