hot water, please!

No, I am not taking you guys to Pop Mie ad. Those words had really been articulated by us for few days back.

Last week was an irritating week. Let me tell you why. I mean, after I lost my hundred bugs, I thought it was enough.

On Monday, last week, while I was preparing myself to go to work, our microwave got something wrong in it. It suddenly made a shocking sound, a little blasted likely, then it made the electricity at our flat went out. Well well well. It meant no heater, no light, no television, no computer, no stove, no microwave, no… almost everything! And it’s winter, let me remind you. It’s winter so we desperately needed all those things.

Okey, then my hubby called Origin (it’s a company who takes care of electricity fee) but was jumped over the city power to deal with our problem. They sent out an electrician, and in the afternoon we already had lights, television, stove, microwave, heater, computer, everything but hot water. Yes, the hot water system did not even work out afterward. It’s really not the right time not to have hot water in winter, however. Then we made a call to the city power again, and they sent out another electrician to come over our place and the electrician said there’s nothing wrong with the external system he dealt with, so it had to be the internal system.

You might have guessed that we spent the rest of the day with no hot water at all. Thank God I had a shower in the morning before those craps turned up.

The following day was as terrible as the day before. It was one of nastiest days in winter and we still didn’t get our hot water internal system worked out. So at that day, my hubby called our agent and they sent out a plumber, who only checked the internal system and said that instead of having a plumber to fix our problem, we better had an electrician to check the internal system. And he promised that another electrician would come over on that very day to check it. Do you know what time the electrician came over our place? It was almost 8 o’clock in the evening and they just checked the system and told me the tank which produced the hot water should be replaced because one of the cables was burnt up. However, they should make an agreement with the agent first to do it. And that’s it.

Again, you might have guessed that we still spent the whole day with no hot water at all. And we were not crazy enough to have a shower with cold water during this nasty winter.

We were expecting something better for the next day. The tank had been replaced with the new one by the plumber in the afternoon and he said we at that time needed an electrician to turn it on. We were waiting for the electrician to come over for almost 6 hours! We had been irritated enough with all the craps of hot water thing! So it was almost 6 o’clock in the evening, the electrician finally cropped up, fixed the rest of the thing for few minutes ahead and said we should wait for another one hour to have hot water. Since my hubby went to work that evening, it was me who was anxiously waiting for the first hot water slipping through our tap after few days gone.

One hour later… I put my finger under the tap and… hallelujah!!!!! I felt something hot on my finger. We’ve got our hot water back. Ohhhhh, we really missed it!!!

Gosh, I had never enjoyed a shower with hot water a lot like that day before! Hope you understand what I mean.

You never know how much you love something till you miss it. Hemmmm…. Right now I’m still talking about the hot water, not particular person.

Saturday, 15 July 2006
11:04 pm

ps: I sincerely hope all these craps did not come up again. I sincerely do.

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