gado-gado #4: stuck in a moment

To be honest, I am actually doing my project at the moment. I am now trying to write a long story to be sent to a publisher. Who knows I am lucky enough or something to publish my first book? Well, anyway, forget it. Perhaps it is too good to be true, since… yes! I am stuck in a moment! I cannot manage to continue in my spare time because of the double jobs, my pregnancy and the house-works have absorbed all my time.

Okey. Blame everything, Jessie.

(Sigh). Hm. Yeah. It was just me who cannot do my time management very well. I am always very bad in time management. But I really, really did not have time to comfortably sit before our computer and write.

You do. Admit it.

Well, maybe. But I use the time to give myself have a rest. Hey, I really need more time to take a rest for my baby’s good.

So, why should you take double jobs, then?

(Inaudible). Well, we do need money before flying home, anyway. A house. Baby’s stuffs. Everything.

Ok, just forget your dream, then. I thought you still want to be a writer?

Of course, I do! I still want to be a writer. Only right now… geez, ok. I will try my best to continue the story, not to blame everything and say I do not have time to do this and that.

That’s the spirit, dear.

(Desperately) Come on, inspiration!!! Come to me!!!!

Saturday, 28 October 2006
1:20 pm

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