gado-gado #5: another play

Time is flying so fast. We are already on the edge of October and soon are reaching November. And it will be only one month away before Christmas. Wow, Christmas is near already….

In our church, a committee for Christmas celebration has been assigned. Once the committee members were announced, suddenly something came up in my mind. Something careless, perhaps, since Erwin did not seem to agree at all with me. Just after the ceremony, I came to the chief of the committee and offered a play for Christmas to him. Yes, I did offer him a play for Christmas. How stupid I was, eh? I mean, I still could not manage time for myself with the double jobs and now why should I bother myself with another business?? I said to him (the coordinator), hey, I had a script for Christmas and if you don’t mind Erwin can be the director and I can coordinate the players. Hohoho, jessie the heroine! Well done! Absolutely beautiful!

I was arguing with Erwin after I heroically offered myself to be the coordinator for the play. Erwin said it was not that easy to find the players in the church (remember how difficult to find the members for a choir?), especially the script required six main male characters, three supporting female characters and one supporting male character. Even though it was not a too difficult script, it was still hard to find the players. I did write the script and I wrote it for Imaji theatre, which the members I know very well were able to play it. Ndableg, I called them. And I do not think people who had been chosen to play in this church as ndableg as them.

Erwin’s worry came in real. Most of those who seemed to be brave enough on stage and quite suitable with the characters in the play refuse to do. One said he could not play drama at all, would be too nervous. Another said he was too busy to do the assignments and the committee’s tasks altogether. The others said they could not manage the time for practices and time for themselves. It turned out to be easier to find the three supporting females. I almost gave up. I already said to the committee chief that if we end up not to find enough people to play, the play has to be cancelled. He agreed, but apparently he kind of forces those who have been chosen till now. And forces do not come in very good to make a commitment. Now, Erwin asked me to write another script that do not require too many players in it. It means another project, another play. I’ve got some ideas but I am too reluctant to write it.

Ugh…, why should I offer a play at that time??

Saturday, 28 October 2006
3:27 pm

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