to: my dude

At my home, comfortably warm sitting before our old PC, showering outside with a bit of ray.

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To : my baby (who’s turning 5 months this week)
Inside mummy’s tummy

Dear my baby,

Hey, how’re you, Dude? Mummy guesses you are fine inside mummy’s tummy, eh? You’ve been kicking and tickling your mum’s tummy today. It’s ok, though. Your mum’s enjoying it because it means that you’re healthy. So keep kicking and tickling unless you feel you want to sleep, anyway. You need a lot of time to sleep, of course.

Now, Dude, let’s play a game called ‘do you know?’. Because I am almost sure the place where you’re living know gives is way too warm, too exclusive for your own. That’s why I want you to know what’s happening outside your world, and the most important thing, what’s my feelings over it.

Dude, do you know that last Friday was the most incredible day of my life? It was because I saw the glimpse of you for the first time. I saw that you are beautifully growing inside me. Yes, you have been growing very well. And nothing but that could make me a lot happier.

Dude, do you know that you already have five fingers each in your left and right small hands and five toes each in your left and right small feet? You were even sucking your thumb when we’re peeping into your world.

Dude, do you know that you were actively moving around when the nurse tried to show us all of your anatomy? And I am proud to have an energetic baby like you. I am really.

Dude, do you know that we actually did not really care to have you as a baby boy or a baby girl? As long as you are healthy, growing very well, that’s enough for us. However, yes, we are way too happy to know your sex even though we’re not ready to let our family and friends know about it yet.

Dude, do you know that when we got the pictures of you, your daddy suspects that you will have the shape of my mouth? It is too early to do it, isn’t it, Dude? You still have four months to grow fast.

Dude, do you know that your mummy cried when she was seeing the glimpse of you through the screen for the first time? She was too sober to realize that you are growing beautifully well inside her tummy. Come on, do not laugh at her, as you have given her an amazing experience to become a mum.

Dude, do you know that your poor daddy still cannot hear nor feel the way you move inside my tummy? He tries to hear you everyday but maybe you enjoy kicking and tickling your mum’s tummy too much, don’t you?

Dude, do you know that your grandma teased your mum about you becoming a football player just because I told her you like kicking my tummy during these past two weeks? Haha, I hope you become a great musician or something so while your daddy hopes you become a scientist or something so. Well, it is really about a matter of time. You have enough time to decide what you want to be. And God will help you anyway, Dude. So don’t mind what your parents’ want, but mind your God wants.

Well, now seems your time to have a rest, eh? After kicking and tickling your mum’s tummy? That’s okay. Sleep well and if you think time to kick and tickle your mum’s tummy is on again, I am always ready to play with you.

Love you,
Your mum

Thursday, 2 November 2006
2:00 pm

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surti said...

I know that she/he is the most lucky baby in the world to has mommy like you

~ jessie ~ said...

wah... jadi malu nehhh... ;D

Ferlin said...
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Ferlin said...

hi jessie..
dah 5 bulan lebih dong ya skrg...
udah bikin perut geter2 sendiri belom? kalo dah gitu kan daddynya pasti bisa ikutan liat juga tuh, hehehe :)