gado-gado #6: i'll be home for christmas

December this year will be the month we’ve been expecting for. We’re going home to Indonesia. Yes, even though it is splendid to live here, we also long for going home, seeing our family and friends. I planned to go to my hometown and stay there with my parents celebrating Christmas as well.

That was our plan before we got news that Erwin’s graduation day turned out to be on 20th of December not 15th, which has abruptly changed our plan to fly home soon after his graduation day. So, after we’ve got the news, Erwin ran off to buy our tickets, praying that we would get flight before Christmas. Well, since it is December, a time when many students and people fly off to have holiday, Erwin came with a disappointing news that we got the flight right on 25th of December after midnight. As if it is not bad enough, we will have three hours waiting in Kualalumpur before the plane flies us home to Surabaya.

Forget the plan. Forget Christmas Eve with my family in Pekalongan. Forget, forget, forget!!!!! I won’t be home for Christmas! I’ll be at the airport for Christmas!

Suddenly, this weird but relieving thing comes up in my mind. I said I want to be home for Christmas. Home. Not house. Home. Well, whom am I going to be with in the airport? My husband and my baby inside my tummy, of course. They are my family. They are my home. And you know what, I should stop grumbling since I’ll be home for Christmas. I’ll be with them. Furthermore, God is everywhere. We can pray wherever we are since He is everywhere. We can send our pray and thanks to Him even in the airport with my family on Christmas day. What else should I fret of?

Besides, this flight will make us experience to set our feet on Kualalumpur although we will just be waiting there for three hours in the airport.

I’ll be home for Christmas, you can count on me...

Saturday, 28 October 2006
3:54 pm

And the Gado-gado is finished here….

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surti said...

Akhirnya dpt cerita borongan :)..senangnya yang mau pulang :D