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A few days after my visit to my hometown, Erwin and I had to take a bed rest for several days. Erwin got sick first. He got headache, upset stomach and fever. The following day, I got upset stomach as well and always vomited a few seconds after eating some meal. This condition was getting worse till two following days, which brought us to unable to eat any food. We reckoned our body systems were having themselves adapted with food and weather in Surabaya (which I regretted to say that the weather in this city has been pretty weird since the first day I arrived – kind of cloudy but hot and no rain, you can’t even see a clear blue sky up here).

However, soon after we had our body adapted with the food and the weather, we found ourselves back to normal. I gradually realized that I never feel full enough after having meals. One day, I had to admit that it was an unusually day for me, prior to my eating behavior. So… on that day, I had some breakfast in the morning before I went to work. Right after I sat at my desk, I saw chocolate wafer I left in our refrigerator yesterday. And you could guess that I finished out all the wafers. Then, after having a training at Computer Center, I found myself having lunch with my colleagues at canteen. Back to my desk, I could not help myself not to eat lemper (Indonesian traditional snack) I got from the training. Before going home, my boss invited me and Erwin to go with her and her hubby to have meatball soup alias bakso (just to let you know, my boss is also pregnant at the moment) together. So there we were having a lunner (a term I use for combination of lunch and dinner hehehe) – too late for lunch but too early for dinner. At home, I still grabbed an apple I put at refrigerator and ate it. Not long after that, my mother in law asked us to have dinner and I said yes (please do not think I was kind of monster…). Dinner’s done. Then, I drank up a glass of milk and still consumed some lychees to close that day. Phew. Still, you know what, I did not feel full at all. I guess all food I consumed had been extracted to be passed on to my dude. Gee… he likes to eat very much then!

Well, now I need second helping in every lunch. Scary, eh?

Thursday, 25 January 2007
9:16 am

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