what if...

What if you want to cry, but you cannot for you are forced to be strong in front of your beloved person(s)?

What if you want to shout, but you cannot for if you do you can hurt someone/anyone you love very badly?

What if you feel very tired, but you cannot show it off in front the one(s) you love for if you do he/she will even be worse?

What if you want to be angry but you have to be patient at the same time?

What if you want to run away but you cannot because you cannot live without the one (s) you love?

And… what if you want to revert your past and just enjoy it as though the future is nothing to do with it?

Call me coward

Call me stupid

Call me nutter

Call me sick

Call me too melancholic

… but to whom I can count on? Maybe, nobody.

Only Him, I think.

Friday, 9 February 2007
8:41 am

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