finally: a house

And the house-hunting ends today. I must say, I probably should add that today will be listed in our historical family date as the day we finally procure a house - a house that really belongs to us; a house that will be called home by me, my husband and my son.

Let me give you a list of suggestions when you are hunting a house.

1. Whichsoever possible, do not employ a broker to help you find a house. Well, yes, they can be very helpful and take you everywhere you want to, but they can be very annoying if they think they have found an appropriate house for you. One broker might have different style with the other one. You are lucky enough to have one who does not call you everyday, every time as though you do not have anything to do but house-hunting, thank you very much. However, if you think you can handle a kind of broker who calls you everyday, I should say: go ahead. At least, they can help you dealing with the house seller or developer, the legal officer and the bank (if you take KPR to purchase the house).

2. Make sure you decide a specific location - where you really need to live (for instance, close enough to reach your workplace, your parents' residence, etc) before hunting a house. It will help you not too abruptly go to every single corner of the city. Do not focus only for the cheap price but also the location as well. If you get a house with cheap price but the house is quite far from your workplace or any place you will often need to reach, it will cost your transportation budget, won't it?

3. Make sure of what you want (part 1): a house or an apartment? A big house or a small one? In my case, since I have one child already, I prefer a house to an apartment. And a small house will be better for me than the big one. Why? Besides I am probably not able yet to purchase the big house, which I'm sorry to say, will of course cost us a lot of money, a small house might fit for me who is typically a messy person. I do like big house with large living room and lots of rooms, but I do not think our lifestyle suits with the big house.

4. Make sure of what you want (part 2): a new house or an old/second house? For me, basically, it does not matter whether it will be a new house or the old/second one. Both of them have their own benefits and disadvantages. The benefits of procuring a new house are that it will be ready for you to move in. You only need to clean up the house before moving in. However, unless you make a renovation first, you cannot manage to have the interior of the house you really want to. On the other hand, procuring an old/second house will give you a benefit of rebuilding as well as redesigning the interior of the house as you want to. Nevertheless, the rebuilding and redesigning will take a few months which will force you unable to move in once you purchase the house.

So, we did not actually employ a broker, just a little help from a relative to deal with KPR. We decided a specific location, which lays upon South Surabaya (and we ended up procuring the house nearby). And the house we purchased is not new, hence we need to do a quite-huge renovation for the building and the interior.

A super-huge thanks to the Lord for giving us a house we long for.

Friday, 14 September 2007
2:30 pm

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Icha said...

congratulations for your new home...

Thanks fot the tips (wakaka...)