what a small world!

Last Saturday, I went to Education Fair in Surabaya University. Interested in applying Fullbright scholarship, I came to the stall which provided any information about it. Here was my little conversation among me, my hub, and one of the persons on the spot.

Hubby: Vincent tinggal di daerah mana ya? (In which state does Vincent live?)
Me: California.
She: Vincent?
Me: Ya. Teman saya. Dia juga ambil S2 disana. Ministry. (Yes. My friend. He takes master coursework there. Ministry)
She: Vincent arsitek petra? Suaminya Vania? (Vincent from Petra's arch? Vania's husband?)
Hubby: Yes.
She: Oalahhhh... Vania itu koncoku. (Goodness..., that Vania is my friend)
Me: Oya? (Really)
Her husband appeared.
Hubby: Sebastian??
Sebastian: Halo... (Hello...)
Both of them shook hand.

And it turned out the Sebastian was an old friend of my sister-in-law. Really!

Last Sunday, I went to dinner at Calvados with my hubby, Vinn and mother-in-law. Taking seats inside, I saw an old man and thought I have ever seen him before. I thought I knew him coming to BIUC Congregation in Melbourne. I asked Erwin, my hubby whether I was mistaken or not. He thought the same thing with me. However, hesitating with our guesses, we kept looking at him while ordering food. None of us was confident enough to say hi to him first. Besides we were afraid saying hi to a wrong person, we also did not remember his name and he was with someone.

And than, in one moment, the old man's company was leaving to order food, I found myself asking him, "Are you from Melbourne?". I was quite surprised with my recklessness but honestly I was quite desperate to know. Then he answered, "Yes, I am." And the following is our conversation from that moment on.

Me: You come to BIUC, right?
Him: Pardon?
Me: You come to Brunswick church, right?
Him: (confusingly) Brunswick church?
Me: Yes. For Indonesian people at Melbourne? BIUC?
Him: O!!! Pendeta Linky?
Pendeta Linky is indeed the pastor of the church.
Me&hubby: Yes!
Him: Well, yes, I go there. Do you know him?
Hubby: Yes, we know him. We went there as well last year when we were in Melbourne.
Him: O, really? Praise the Lord! Puji Tuhan!
And then, my hubby, the old man, whose name turned out to be Johan and I were jabbering away about our old days in BIUC and Melbourne. This special moment was ended by Mr. Johan asking us to take a picture together as a proof to Pendeta Linky that he indeed met us in Surabaya.

Going home after the special dinner, I said to Erwin, what a small world we live in. Who knows that one day I will meet someone from my old days and rebuild our relationship.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007
1:30 pm

ps: the two happenings remind me of the other one taken place in my dear office in the very moment I saw him coming over to install some programs in my boss' computer and it turned out he was him! Yes, him!! I never met him for a very long time since we left our high school and went separately to different cities to continue our education.

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