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harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2

Following the part 1 which discussed those who was killed and died in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, this one will discuss the change of characters in it. Same warning, anyway.



1. Dudley Dursley (Harry's cousin)
In the sixth book, Dudley's soul was nearly sucked by dementor. In the seventh book, before the Dursleys were parting with Harry for good, Dudley sort of gave an impression to Diggle and Jones (the wizard and witch which became their companies) that he and Harry were bestcousins. Harry said to Jones, "They
(refer to the Dursleys) think I'm a waste of space." Then, Dudley said to Harry, "I don't think you're a waste of space." Harry thought probably the experience with dementor had changed Dudley's bad nature.

2. Neville Longbottom (Harry's roommate, a Gryffindor)
I knew it, I knew it!! This Neville Longbottom had to be something for Rowling. Oh well... even though it took seven books to change his character, anyway. After the trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) dropped out their education, which meant they did not come back to Hogwarts because they had a mission of finding and destroying horcruxes, Neville became sort of a leader of Dumbledore's Army. He was not as easily as ever bullied. He stood up for fighting Voldemort and it was him who killed Nagini (Voldemort's snake, one of his horcruxes). Cool, eh?

3. The Malfoys (specifically Draco Malfoy which used to be Harry's enemy at Hogwarts, whose father was a Death Eater)
Yes, they changed. Why, though? Wasn't Lucius Malfoy very loyal to Voldemort? It turned out he was sort of punished and even bullied by Voldemort himself because of his mistake of giving away Riddle's diary to Ginny. And the punishment dealt with Draco Malfoy, his only beloved son when Draco was ordered to kill Dumbledore, which could result the death of Draco Malfoy himself. Then, in the book 7, instead of joining the battle at Hogwarts with the other Death Eaters, the Malfoys ran inside to look for their son. Draco Malfoy was actually changed because his neck was saved by the trio twice: when the diadem was burnt by curse-fire (I forgot the name) and when Draco was chased by a death eater, who did not recognize him as Lucius Malfoy's son.

Satisfied? Yes and no... Maybe there was one character I should have mentioned above. Can you guess it? Well, it was Severus Snape. Yet, I do not think he was included in the list of the changed characters. His character was all the same from the first book to the final one. It was the readers' (and the other characters' in the book, such as Harry's, etc) perception toward Snape.

Alright, that's it. If I should add anything more later, if I have another idea of this book.

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