I never expected this..., especially your face which appeared in my dreams. Dreams? Yes. It means you appeared more than once in one month.

The first took place in nowhere - in which you waved your hand to me from a distance.

The second took place in somewhere - in which there were only two of us sitting together, you holding my right hand. You said to me, "You are like the flying carpet in Alladin the movie. Flying from me."

The third took place in an atrium, a round space, like a very small colloseum, with people sitting around it and you were one of them. You looked at me, but I didn't, maybe because I was too busy holding my baby, Vinn. I would like to exit from the place, passing in front you. You stopped me and forced me to sit beside you. Then, you held my hand again.

I had no idea at all about you keeping on appearing in my dream. You are my past, anyway. The first one did not make me wondering. Dream is sometimes just a dream, isn't it? No meaning at all, is it? The second started to question me. Some friends teased me. They said I was probably missing you. Well, I did seek any news about you. It was your birthday on 14th of October, but I did not have a clue how to give you a call or a text just to say happy birthday. When the third came up, a friend told me to pray for you. Perhaps, somewhere out there, you did need help but no one came. Perhaps, somewhere out there, something happened to you. Perhaps, somewhere out there, it was you who were missing me.

So, I prayed. Even though I did not know what to pray. Even though I did not know where you are. However, I sincerely hope, whenever you are, whatsoever you do, God bless and protects you. If you read this posting, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than pleased to get any news from you.

Friday, 2 November 2007
2:32 pm

2 komentar ajah:

Icha said...

Who is He?

Kok serem gitu ce.....

Jadi...jadi....dia tahu kalo cece udah punya anak?

kok dalam mimpi itu ada Vinn??


~ jessie ~ said...

Nah... mana aku tau lagiii.... kalo aku boleh milih mimpi ya bukan dia yang takpilih... Orlando Bloom po'o. Aku ga tau dia tau ga aku udah punya anak. Bwahahahahaha.... Namanya juga usaha...