homework... what?? homework??

1. Postinglah aturan pengerjaan tugas ini di dalam blog Anda.
2. Tulis delapan kebiasaan atau fakta tentang diri Anda (pilih secara acak).

3. Di bagian akhir tulisan, tulis delapan nama teman Anda yang ingin Anda suruh untuk mengerjakan tugas ini juga.

4. Jangan lupa untuk memberitahu delapan orang tersebut agar mereka membaca blog Anda dan kemudian mengerjakan tugas ini juga.

5. Tersenyumlah dengan penuh rasa puas setelah Anda menyelesaikan tugas ini.

Mikir mode on:

1. a nail-bitter
Whenever and wherever I feel under pressure or while expecting something worrying and tense (that includes watching particular movies as well!), I nearly always bite my nails.

2. a fairy tale lover
Believe it or not, I love fairy tale!!! With the usual ending of course: And they live happily ever after. Because in fairy tale I still can believe that there is always something good in bad things and fairy tale teaches to always dream. Well, hey, dreaming is still free, rite??

3. a mochacinnos
This is just another term I've made it up by myself. I love hot chocolate, I love coffee, so what beverage is the combination of them?? Yes, of course: MOCHACINNO. So every time I want to get relaxed and time for myself, I will grab a cup of mochacinno, lay on my sofa with a book under my nose.

4. an idealistic thinker
Well, I know this sometimes can annoy my friends much, coz actually I am juz so idealistic when I'm thinking and presenting ideas, but definitely not in detailed to put them into action.

5. a vicious mother
Just like I mentioned in one posting -- I will be while it occurs to me that my son is in danger *kayak apa aja ye... hehehe*, I will do anything to protect him coz I know soon enough what will happen is the other way around.

6. a hero-wannabe
"I believe there's a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams..." -- Aunt May, Spiderman 2 -- I love this quote!! And I absolutely agree with all my heart!

7. a sandal-jepit wearer
Sandal jepit: very comfy, absolutely light and definitely cheap. Why not?? But not pink and flowery, please....

8. an unromantic lover
My hubby always says that I am not soooo romantic. I love candle light dinner, though, as long as I can eat as much as I want to. It could be in a restaurant, but it doesn't matter if I have to eat in warung (with nice food, of course!). Well, I am a cheap date, it turns out!

Nah nah... I have smiled after I finished this homework... Homework??? This is what you call 'homework'?? If homework were this easy... I would have got straight A then during my study.

And the friends who should do this homework (no pressure, though):
Desi, Lisa Boed, Ferlin, and Surti (tapi kalo kalian sibuk ga usah gak papa kokkkk, hehehehe).

Monday, 5 May 2008
11:27 am

4 komentar ajah:

~~Devita~~ said...

wah, hampir semua aku tau...tapi.. a hero wannabe??!?!?!? oh ya???!?!?!?!? :D:D:D

jc said...

Xixixixi... ternyata eh ternyata... blom terlalu mengenal diriku yah???

Surti said...

sibuk sih gak, males iya hihihi.. :P, thx dah di inget, walaupun ingetnya suruh bikin PR hahha

jc said...

Wah cece... hehehe... gak papa ce... aku jg sebenernya males.. pake meditasi tiga hari tiga malam tuh jawaban2nya, tapi yang ngasi pe-er suka nongol di kantor terus nagih jadi ya takbikin aja dahhh.. daripada ditagih mulu hihihihi... to icha: maap ya chaaa...