"i have no dream, ma'am"

I meet this girl every week. She studies in a good school. She has good parents who care about her education very much particularly. She is a smart girl as well.

One day, we talked about dream. She became quiet for a minute. I asked her if she had any dream. Well, hey, everybody should have a dream, rite?

Then she answered quietly, "I have no dream, ma'am."

I was stunned. Then after a slight pause, I said: "Let me ask you something. How old are you now?"

"Sixteen years old, ma'am."

"Sixteen years old!! Well, I'm twenty seven years old and I still have a dream."

She just gave me a perplexed look. Maybe she had no idea at all about a dream. It was a pity, though. I felt so. Many teenagers in this country seem to have no dream. I still believe, however, that more will be coming to say that they have dreams to reach.

"Ok. Let me give you a bit definition about dream," I said. "Dream is not always about what you want to be, as you know about it, for example: to be a doctor, an artist, a dancer or a teacher. Dream also deals with what you really want to do, let's say, after graduated from school or university."

She still said nothing, only gave me another puzzled look.

"Well, I will give you what I dreamed of years ago, back before I was still in college."

She nodded and I continued. This was what I dreamed years ago, really. And somehow, I still hope to make it come true.

>> The dream starts here..

The apartment was somewhere in California. It could be in Los Angeles, or San Diego. As long as it was near the beach. I worked in a local magazine as a writer. I wrote what I saw. I wrote what I felt. I wrote what I did. Every morning, I would open my window and took a long breath of fresh air. And do not forget, my apartment was located on the second or third floor, where the windows faced the not-too-busy street so that greeting people walking under the windows in the morning would be the first thing to do to start the day. Then, I would turn my player on so that my favorite music could boost me up while preparing the day. Taking a shower. Brushing my teeth. Preparing my breakfast (with cappuccino, of course!). Dressing up. Fast-reading newspaper. And going off to work. At my workplace, I met nice people who shared ideas and interests with me, and I did not bother those who did not have similar ones since I realized this world would be absolutely boring filled only with similar people. After five, I recollected my belongings, prepared to go home. Yet, I did not forget about my appointment meeting with old friends to chitchat in some restaurant in downtown. On the weekend, I would go around with my dog *Did I mention the dog in the first place? No? Well, it was my dream anyway, I controlled everything here, remember?* called Ares to the park or the beach, meeting new people.

>> The dream stopped here..

"So you got it?" I asked her.

At that time
she was quite stunned. "You called that a dream?"

"Well, yes. Why not? I always dream to live that way. If I could have more than one life, I would beg God for a life like in my dream."

"But you haven't."

"Yes, I haven't, that's why I have another dream right now."

"Well, if you called that a dream, I also have one."

"See? Everyone has a dream. They just do not realize that it is."

She dreamed about living in Switzerland, Greek and Rome - places where histories commonly lie upon and were respected as a part of their country. She said she loved Greek's myth. About platonic relationship between Hera, Zeus and his women. About Apollo's horrible fate of love relationship. About Aphrodite, the beautiful goddess of love. She also said that she would love to study in those countries. "Do you want to study the myth?" I asked. She shook her head. Apparently, she had discussed this to her parents, and they disagreed with her. They said that studying myth had no future. She loved history, though, and old buildings. One day, she would go to the places she could enjoy the history and the buildings. Places like Switzerland, Greek or Rome. One day.

"That's a dream," I concluded.

She nodded.

But I was not quite sure whether her nod meant an agreement or disagreement. Only God knows.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008
1:11 pm

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