Friday, August 15, 2008


I think I should slow down myself
To keep my mouth shut
and let peace spread out in my mind and heart first
before taking some actions
Not everyone could be like me
Shout and done
That they may need some quiet time
before doing some actions
Even though many times I don't understand
why should they keep frowning to the one they're angry at
when they need their quiet time?

I just... don't understand.
Shout and done.
That's what I usually do.
And forgotten.

God... bless her.
I'm sorry.

Friday, 15 August 2008
4:12 pm

3 komentar ajah:

Oka Master said...

Ternyata kamu juga seorang pujangga ya...
I hope you can find your way soon
and peace ...
Ok, have a great day...

~~Devita~~ said...

napa ce?

jc said...

To Oka: Pujangga? Jadi inget Base Jam deh... kemana ya mereka? *loh? kok ga nyambung?*

To Icha: Iya nih, Ka.. lagi huru-hara..