Tuesday, March 28, 2006

family picnics

Yep. The festival, indeed, had made family picnics. Every time I went there, I saw lots of them sitting on the field near the festival venue, eating food they brought and having a casual and cheery chat each other – the father, mother, and their kids, sometimes family friend(s) too.

However, it’s over already and I might not have such view as often as the time during the festivals. As a matter of fact, the family picnics have led me to realize that I would love to have one or two kids with me having a picnic. I mean, my own kids – neither nephew nor niece. This is jc’s declaration, admittedly. I had ever told most of my friends that it’s not pretty easy to have babies and kids and I’m not going to do it soon after our marriage. Now I want one, though. I don’t know why. It’s because the family picnics I had been observing during the festival, maybe. One of my friends is going to have the second birth this year, even though her first child is still learning to walk. I reckon it will be difficult both for her and her husband to have two active little kids (the first one is very cute and active!) at home. Well, I’m sure they must be well-prepared for the ‘worst’ circumstance.

Back to jc’s surprising desire to have kids, I’m wondering when God will give us one. After we go home to Indonesia? Soon? After we procure a house? After we are completely ready for everything (a house, job, mentally, spiritually, financially, etc)?

One for sure, it will be simply best for me and my hubbie to walk through His path, whenever it will take place.

Tuesday, 28 March 2006
03:22 pm

ps: I think I prefer a boy for my first kid ;D. Will God make it come true? Only goodness knows.

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