time to give thanks

By the way, have you ever heard or known about the following song? It’s written by Indonesian singer (Jeffry S. Tjandra, if I’m not mistaken) and is one of my favorite gospel songs because when the first time I heard it, it slapped me indeed. Oya, I have to ask you another apology of the messy translation from Bahasa to English. Please do revise them if you find them incorrect.

Seringkali kudatang Tuhan, hanya kar’na sejuta keluhan
Seringkali kulupa, Tuhan, seharusnya kudatang

Dengan segenap rindu dari lubuk hatiku
Dengan hasrat yang tulus, kar’na kucinta pada-Mu
Tak hanya memikirkan, berkat yang Kau berikan
Sungguh hanya kar’na ku mengasihiMu s’lalu

Seringkali aku berdoa, hanya kar’na tak ingin dicela
Namun kini kusadar, Tuhan, seharusnya kudatang –back to reff.–

I often come to God, just for millions complaints of mine
I often forget, God, that I should come…

With my longing and all my heart
With humbleness, because I love you
Not only thinking about all Your blessings
But only because I love You always

I often pray, since I do want to be praised
But now I understand, God, I should come –back to reff.–

Yeah, it’s true. I merely often have a long prayer if I have a problem or something to request (i.e.: a house, job, car, scholarship, etc). The bigger problem and request, the longer I pray. However, when I’m completely in great condition and everything is perfectly ok, I do forget to maintain my relationship with God. I forget to pray, I forget to read the Bible, and I forget everything related to Him. Yet, if something bad occurs, I will desperately keep asking Him why it should happen to me, why He let the unpleasant things come to me and everything. This is a very bad thing of me that I never ask why to Him when He’s giving me blessings (the similar meaning of never thanking Him) but I always ask why to Him when He seems to let me have problems (the similar meaning of always complaining Him).

Now I realize that I just simply do what psalm 100 says. Praise the Lord!
Be happy…. Smile…. Be happy…. Smile…. Be happy…. Smile….

Tuesday, 28 March 2006
04:55 pm

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