stitch's temporary business

Oke. Let’s get down quickly on the business.

I am now representing jessie, who is still:

- Preparing herself for her first day working at the Japanese restaurant, in which she got another new job few days ago;
- Being addictive playing the Sims all day long and overlooking the expense she might spend on electricity charges;
- Finishing a book of Nicole Moone’s - no wonder her tummy is a bit swollen because she mostly vacates her butt to sit either in front of the computer playing the Sims or on sofa reading the book;
- Writing another fiction story which is, as a matter of fact, stuck at the moment because of, possibly, the two main activities she is doing above;
- Waiting for the news from Femina regarding to the grant of her writing;
- Wishing to fly to Indonesia where she could be more productive and useful before she is getting fat here.

Surely you know who I am? Yes. Stitch. I’ve been rarely cropped up, especially after jessie became more honest, decided to stop hiding behind me, and put off her mask in front of you all. She did not need me ever since. Well, obviously she will be back to write all of her stories in here by herself. And do not expect me to turn up often. She just won’t let me to.

Saturday, 29 April 2006
10:44 pm

ps: Just want to tell you that seriously, jessie is a bit chubbier ;D

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