eating disorder


I’m not getting fat now. I am FAT. Look at my swollen tummy. It is really swollen, believe me. And I’m not definitely pregnant at the moment. So how is my tummy swollen, by the way?? Even my hubby told me I am chubbier than ever.

Let’s say: I’m now working, which actually can help me over getting as usual. Not fat, not thin. So? I think I have been spoiled in eating disorder. I mean it. I LOVE eating here. I LOVE food. Any food will do. And for your information, food serve, here in Melbourne, of any restaurants is pretty bulky. I could not finish it when the first time I came here. I have got used to it now, anyway, ha ha.

I still have meal three times a day, though. Two slices of bread every morning, consumed with a glass of hot chocolate. I do LOVE a glass of hot chocolate, especially sipped in a freezing morning before I go to work. I still consume a plate of rice with some meat and veggie on it for my lunch and dinner. Not mention of snacks, like chips, biscuits, wafers, etc. Working at restaurant apparently makes me craving on food. It is really, really, really, really enjoyable to lay myself on sofa reading a book and munching some snacks, especially right after working almost 8 hours a day.

So what am I supposed to do on account of my eating disorder? I mean, my family and friends in Indo will not recognize me once I fly back and see them at the end of the year because I will be just too fat and too chubby to do.

And I LIKE sleeping as well – right under my warm and thick blanket in this freezing season! I hate autumn as well as winter (autumn has been really cold already, so how’s the coming winter, by they way???). I prefer summer, or spring, maybe. At least summer and spring will not have us more afraid about electricity fee and everything.

Oh, how ungrateful I am, aren’t I, though? This life I am living on is a life I dreamt few times ago. But why am I SO disgruntled all the time? And why even though I hate the weather around here, I still plan to come back again to this city next year – apparently to grab a scholarship of master degree in media studies (hopefully!)?

Gosh… I hope I won’t be this fat when the time comes for us to fly back to Indo. I really, really, do hope so.

Monday, 15 May 2006
07:26 pm

PS: Oh, and I found one TASTY food which I will absolutely miss when I have to go back to Indo: Japanese Seaweed Salad. It’s damned nice, you know.

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