interview with the tent maker

The following absurd interview was recorded in the middle of nowhere.

Stitch the Interviewer (STI) : Hi, Jc. How’re you?

Jessie the Tent-maker (JTT) : Hi, Stitch. Very well, thanks. You?
STI : Same as you. Right. What are you doing now?
JTT : As usual. I’m a housewife, remember? So I’m still doing my job as a full-time housewife.
STI : I thought you’ve got another job after escaping from the Mr. L?
JTT : Well, it’s so funny that you tell me escaping from that horrible workplace…. Anyway, yes, I’ve got another job already. Just a part-timer.
STI : Tell me about your new job.
JTT : I work in Japanese Restaurant, you know, thanks to Ronald, one of my friends here who helped me proceed to the restaurant.
STI : Is it easier from the previous one?
JTT : You mean in Mr. L’s? Not much. Not that easy, though not too difficult. But, yeah, I’m using your term, I won’t escape again. I would like to try my best.
STI : Is there something to do with what you said to me that you’re a tent-maker as well?
JTT : Did I say to you? Hemm….Sure, I am a tent-maker.
STI : What are you trying to tell me? So you’re making a tent in Japanese restaurant?
JTT : Of course not! It’s not a literal meaning, you know. You surely know the apostle Paul, rite?
STI : Yeah….
JTT : I mean, after God called him to be a full-time gospel preacher, he’s still doing his job as a tent maker. But the difference is that he was also sharing the good news of Jesus the Savior to his customers while he’s working. There’s an illustration the preacher in my church gave me, in which Paul would have knocked off the price of making tent up to 50% if his customers had listened to what he said about Jesus.
STI : I see. So you’re trying to say that…
JTT : … you can be a blessing wherever you are, whatever you do. Even in your workplace.
STI : Is that what you’re going to do in your current workplace?
JTT : Yes, I am. It’s not easy, though. I’m always afraid and worried to deal with another staffs that seem not too friendly to me. As if I’m not welcome there and of course it sometimes drives me mad. The first two days I worked there, they ordered me to wash all the dirty dishes. I mean, we all think that it’s a very easy job, do we? It’s not easy at all. They told me I was a very slow dish-washer, which made the other staff get extra-job to finish mine. I never think that even to be a waiter or a dishwasher is not that simple. I learn to appreciate such profession, you know.
STI : You’re still afraid and worried every time you go to your workplace?
JTT : A bit. But then, I remember what Inge once said to me. I’m an infectious disease.
STI : Pardon me? You are an infectious disease?
JTT : I am.
STI : Are you sure it’s not a nag?
JTT : Absolutely not. Again, it’s not a literal meaning. She said that I’m an infectious disease because I can transfer what I’m feeling to people around me very easily. Like, if I were in a bad mood, I would make my friends feel my bad mood, then they were in a bad mood too. If I were sad, they would be sad too. If I were in spirit, they would be in spirit with me. If I were cheerful, simply laughing on a silly joke, smiling to a grim friend, they would be happy together with me. See? I’m an infectious disease. And I want to be an infectious disease in my current workplace as well.
STI : That’s a bit dreamy…. It’s not as easy as talking.
JTT : Who said it’s easy? I didn’t. But it’s better to do than to talk only, isn’t it? And who said I will be alone to be a good tent-maker as well as an infectious disease? God be with me. That will do.
STI : Ok. Glad to hear you say that.
JTT : And, oh, one more, I think I’ve made an improvement this week. I didn’t leave too much dishes for another staff to finish. Just two boxes and a bowl. And I would have finished all of them in a couple of minutes if another staff who took over my job after me had not urged me to leave all of them to him. Ouwww… he’s so sweet….
STI : Stop it. You’re a married woman!
JTT : Sure I am! And?
STI : Well, (giving up) whatever, I need to finish this interview. See you around, Jc.
JTT : See ya.

Thursday, 11 May 2006
04:23 pm

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