to run or not to run, that is the question

I have been as lazy as a pig for the last few days. Always hungry as a bear as well. This is terrible. It seems like heaven when I lay myself on the bed with thick blanket covering me, a book in my hands and music in my ear. Probably it is because of the winter (let’s blame the cold weather!). Probably I am tired. Probably I am indeed lazy. Probably there’s something else. Something… weird.

It was a weird and shocking day last Friday. I woke up in the morning as usual, and for some particular reason the only difference was that I had something to do with my urine on that morning. After all, I found myself shocking, somewhat disbelief and simply stunned. I woke my hubby up and told him. He was as shocking as I was. Then he decided to take me to the right place where we could make sure of ourselves.

I do not know whether you might have guessed something or not, however. Yet there’s something to do with me. Something really special which has made us shocking as well as stunned as well as disbelief as well as somewhat pleased.

I am pregnant.

That also means, next year we are becoming parents. There will be one more member added in our small family.

Born – kid – teen – young – in a relationship – engagement – married – pregnant – having children – to be continued. I am just wondering, what a common life I have on this earth.

Would like to run, but can’t.

Sunday, 23 July 2006
1:44 pm

4 komentar ajah:

Anonymous said...

Why run eh.. you should embrace it ;) It's good news eh! Congrats!

p/s: remember our deal - name your baby 'dilys'. Muahahahha =p

Anonymous said..., aku jadi tante nih taun depan. Waaa...CONGRATZZ ya jes!! :)

Surti said...

Hi Jessie, congratulations nyangka nih ;)..moga2 jadi good parents deh for both of you..

hubby said...

lets run together!
You, me, and the baby... :*